2020 CARLA Summer Institute Program for Language Teachers

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It is time to sign up for a CARLA summer institute! CARLA offers a wide range of institutes targeted at foreign/world language, ESL/EFL, heritage language, and immersion educators from a variety of teaching levels and contexts. Each institute is highly interactive and includes discussion, hands-on activities, and networking. Join the more than 6,300 language educators who have participated in this acclaimed professional development program.

The CARLA summer institutes listed below are primarily targeted at elementary through postsecondary foreign/world language educators and language teacher educators. In some cases, the institutes are also appropriate for ESL or EFL teachers. Most of the institutes are not appropriate for the special needs of immersion educators, nor are they suitable for teachers of very young children. 

CARLA summer institute

Learn more: https://carla.umn.edu/institutes/index.html


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