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by Kalinago English / Dec 15, 2008 / 0 comments

Hi all,

My name is Karenne Sylvester and I've been teaching for around 14 years - all over the world - however these days I run a website and blog called Kalinago English. 

www.kalinago-english.com (website)


On these, I offer advice on teaching with technology, give the skinny
on workshops and conferences I attend and I also write materials for
conversation classes. 

I'm originally from the Caribbean which I left at the age of 15 before going to the US, then London.  After about 5 years in the UK, headed off for Oz then ended up teaching in HK, landed in Ecuador and nowadays live in a small german city, Stuttgart.

I've been here for a bit and obviously it's a lot tamer than most of the places I've lived.  I made the decision to stay here though as it's a good place for me to venture into a whole new adventure: the one in cyberspace.

Do come and visit me and my sites, this is the link to free samples:


Take care,