Teaching English in Korea…Some Questions Answered

by LadyExpat / Dec 05, 2008 / 1 comments

I had someone email me these
questions the other day about teaching in Korea. My answers here are short, but
I hope this give readers a little insight about working on the ROK.


It is good to meet you.


You stated in your post that you
teach English in Korea. If I was interested in teaching English in Korea, how
would I do it?


What is it like teaching English in


are many, many teaching opportunities here. Most first time teachers will
either work in the public school system or a private language institute. If you
are here for a while you might get a job in a university or a corporation.


 What are the students like?


anywhere, students are students. You will have some who are very motivated to
learn English, and others that are just passing time. Overall though, Korean
students are good to teach.



What is Korea like?


You will not lack in western comforts, while enjoying
many Korean traditions. There is a lot to see and do here. Korea is really what
you make it.


How is the pay?


pay depends on the job, your experience, and qualifications. A new teacher with
a BA will probably earn at least two million won per month, plus housing. Right
now the Won is at a ten year low, so if you are converting to U.S. dollars you
will be taking a hit. The same goes for Canadians. However, many teachers find that they live comfortably on what they earn, plus save and travel.

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