The Unforgettable Experience of Teaching English in Thailand

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Studying or working abroad is an amazing experience that can greatly impact someone's life. While volunteering to teach English with my family in Thailand, I had the opportunity to interview another person with a lot of international experience. My friend Craig has been working as an English teacher for eight years. Teaching English has dramatically changed Craig's life. He came to Thailand for boxing, and ended up making connections and landing a teaching job without any previous experience. He now speaks a good amount of Thai and studies at a Thai university. He has travelled and learned about how people live around the world, not just in England. 

The Unforgettable Experience of Teaching English in Thailand

What is your daily routine like?
I have to come into class prepared every day. I only teach for around 15 hours a week, but then spend another 10 hours a week putting together lesson plans based on the curriculum. In my free time, I go to university and the gym. 

How long have you been teaching?
8 years. Before I came to Thailand I worked as an art teacher in England. 

Does this job give you the flexibility to do other things?
Yes, a lot. I have time off during the week after school, on weekends, school holidays, and summer. It is a very relaxed and stress-free environment. 

Did you teach in any other countries prior to Thailand?
No, just in England. 

What is the most rewarding part of being an English teacher?
Meeting and interacting with the students, for sure. And being able to get them excited about learning something that can greatly impact their futures. 

What is the biggest challenge you have overcome?
You have to understand the psychology of the students. There are cultural differences, and the school systems works differently in Thailand. You have kids that are the same age but with all levels of ability in the same class. I have to be able to cater my lessons to both the very advanced students and the much less advanced. 

Do you feel that international experience has impacted your life?
Massively. Teaching means that not only can I support myself, but meet interesting people, gain skills, and learn a new language. My life would have been boring in England, but it is very fun here. Every day is different.

International experience gives you skills like flexibility and adaptability that are impossible to gain in the same way if you never see the world.

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