Everything Study Abroad: Top 10 October Articles

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Panel Discussion Part Two: Teaching English as a Second Language

Panel Discussion Part Two: Teaching English as a Second Language

Are you thinking of teaching English abroad, but you’re still not quite sure about it? Our special two-part series on Teaching English Abroad answers some basic questions about teaching English as a Second Language.
Our ESL contributors have taught in various destinations around Asia. Read on for a few tips and tricks for first-time ESL teachers. Feel free to drop by any of the following sites for additional information about teaching abroad in Asia.

Japanese Phrases and Culturally Significant Terms

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Jul 22, 2009 / 2 comments

Here are some basic sentences for beginners learning the Japanese language, with explanations on grammar that show patterns to apply to other sentences. Plus there are some some helpful words that are used often and give a glimse into Japanese culture

The first thing I want to say is learning Japanese is quite doable! I know I started off assuming there must be a mystery to how to speak it since it was so foreign but learning basic Japanese is surprisingly easy.