LAX in WMI: Messenger Bag in action


Here at, we're always looking for the Best Travel Products for our members. We've recently partnered with one of the COOLEST Travel Products around, Air Wear Designs, created by Jason Solarek. You can read our interview with Jason by clicking here.




Now, on with the story. 


We recently got the LAX bag, from Jason at Air Wear. It is So Very Cool. We love it! We took it with us on an outing and got many, many envious comments...West Michiganders LOVE Air Wear. Once you see the Air Wear LAX bag in action here in W. MI, you'll want to see all the places that you can take it...


and why LAX? Well, I want more Air Wear gear than I need, actually. I am looking at the Glasgow one, since I love Scotland. But for starters, I got LAX. Why? It was an airport jumping point to Tokyo, my first trip overseas when I was 13. It seemed so large, and also was the last bit of 'home' before I headed to a different country. 


Come along with us as we hit the vegetable stand we always visit, and then head over to Lake Michigan...


LAX Air Wear messenger back at vegetable stand

LAX Air Wear messenger back at vegetable stand


We had such fun at the vegetable stand. A dozen ears of corn, a cabbage, some potatoes and cucumbers, and some tomatos gently laid on top - it ALL fit. This bag is roomy!



Air Wear Messenger bag in Saugatuck, MI

Air Wear Messenger bag in Saugatuck, MI


My mom took this photo of Lillie and I before we hit the beach. The small bottleneck of people waiting patiently offered up some great conversation:


One big guy with a baseball hat: What's that you got there?

Me: The coolest travel bag, ever.

One big guy: LAX, I am there a lot before I head to Asia! I want one.

Old lady with her dog: Oh, do they have other cities? I just got back from Senegal.

Me: (Loving the global travelers showing up on the beach) Here's how to get it...





Air wear messenger bag - LAX at Lake MI

Air Wear messenger bag - LAX at Lake MI

While we were taking this scenic photo, the lakeshore walkers stopped to help. One lady posed it just right, and then pretended like she was going to take off with it. What a hoot! 



Air Wear Messenger Bag at Saugatuck, MI 


Well, our daughter Lillie wasn't about to let 'her' bag go. She wanted her Own Picture (and to hold on to the bag)...



Air Wear Messenger Bag at the Beach

Air Wear Messenger Bag at the Beach

While Lillie and I were swimming, my mom arranged this tableaux to show how perfectly the bag fits in at the beach. I loved it! The bag is big - holds several towels, a swim shirt, Japanese snacks, the camera, and - as you can see here - an ipod, sunscreen, and reading materials.



We had such fun with the Air Wear LAX Messenger Bag - and garnered lots of positive comments and smiles. Hope you enjoyed this short trip with LAX in WMI! When you get your own Air Wear gear, share it with us...



If you're interested in other airports, please click on the "Other Products by Airwear" on Amazon.





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