Colombia Eco Travel & The Magic of Colombia

by Dr. Debra Payne / Jul 27, 2011 / 0 comments


I fell in love with Colombia from afar a long time ago, and I've always dreamed of not only travelling there, but perhaps even living there one day. When I found out that Daniel, my dear friend Maria's son, is in the Eco-Tourism business, it was natural for me to want to post an article about what he and his wife do. Just talking to Daniel has rekindled my interest in Colombia. 

I had the privilege of asking Daniel a few questions the other day, and here is what he had to say:



WE: Will you tell us about how Colombia Eco Travel began?

Daniel: Certainly! Colombia Eco Travel began after my wife and I spent 3 months in Colombia. It was then that we realized the amazing natural resources and culture Colombia has and wanted to help preserve it by having travelers visit, explore and learn from its amazing diversity. Hopefully, this can also translate into their daily lives and prompt them to preserve their local ecology and culture?



WE: Could you elaborate on the “Eco” in Colombia Eco Travel? How does this come into play in your business model, and how and why might it make a difference to tourists?

Daniel: We are an ecotourism company because we care about ecosystems. This means many things to us: the social ecosystem, the cultural ecosystem, and of course the natural ecosystem. We work closely with all of our suppliers and have visited and experienced all of the travel products we offer personally. We work with the suppliers to ensure they practice ecologically, socially and economically sound methods of doing business. This means locally owned business, which only employ local resources and employees. Businesses which utilize processes for resource reduction and reuse and while not all are certified in “eco” practices, many are and those that aren't are already exceed what is required from a certification.



WE: Why should tourists choose to visit Colombia?

Daniel: The simple answer is -  it's magical.

The long answer: it's the most bio-diverse country per square kilometer on the planet. It's consistently rated in the top 3 for having the happiest people on earth. It has all 5 climates and both the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean. It has the most birds than any other country. People are welcoming, friendly and will easily invite you to dinner even if they just met you that afternoon. It's perhaps what every place should be like.

Colombia is also a newcomer in the international tourism scene. It's mostly undiscovered by mass tourism. Really only Cartagena and Bogota are touristic areas. The rest of the country is pristine, and we hope to help it maintain it this way. Imagine strolling through pre-Columbian towns and enchanting regions where you won't feel like you're a tourist.

I'll give you a personal anecdote. During our 3 month trip, we met many foreigners in Colombia. They all said they loved it and that it was amazing. Many had never been there before and went because it was “newer” and cheaper than perhaps Brazil or Peru. Others had travelled to Colombia after hearing recommendations from friends. They were already planning their next trip to Colombia.



WE: Is your business family-friendly? What would children do while in Colombia with their families?

Daniel: Yes, our business and Colombia is family-friendly. Children in Colombia have a great time, but of course, it always depends on the activity the family would like to do and the age of the children.



WE: How do you perceive the future of your business?

Daniel: The future of our business lies in the great potential of Colombia. We firmly believe that it is important to preserve the natural gifts that Colombia offers to the world. Colombia is just now attractive to many, for not only tourism. Opportunities for discovery here are endless.



WE: Hey, thanks, Daniel! I, for one, am planning a trip to Colombia right now! By the way, how do we reach your website?





WE: Gracias! Nos vemos en Colombia! 





Debra Payne, PhD, Happily Wandering Educator/Editor, can be reached at debpayne2011[at] She also could possibly be spotted somewhere in Colombia very soon.