Zoobies: The Perfect Travel Accessory for Kids

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Mar 08, 2011 / 0 comments

Zoobies are a wonderful travel accessory - they are both a blanket and a pillow! Zoobies can also double as a book or ipod rest. They are stuffed animals that have a secret pocket inside, that holds a soft and fuzzy fleece blankie. I have lots of stuffed animals, but my Zoobie is now my very favorite.


Zoobie camel


Zoobies was created by two brothers (2 of 9 kids in their family!). They wanted to invent something fun that kids could use for home and travel. Aren't we lucky they did?




I love my Camel Zoobie because it is multi-purpose - I can use it for many things! I can cuddle with it - it's very soft, so it's a nice pillow. It's easy to open and get the blankie out. It's hard for a kid to put it back in right, but it doesn't matter, you can stuff it in and make your Zoobie animal even puffier. When your blankie is out (and on your lap), you can put your book and flashlight right into the secret pocket! VERY COOL!




The blankie is warm and soft. It's perfect for the car, or just sleeping at home. They have many kinds of Zoobies - all sorts of animals. I chose the camel because I love Egypt! They also have Zoobies that are book characters (Paddington Bear, Good Night Moon).




Zoobies is a great product for kids that actually makes sense, is fun, and high quality.

Zoobies also has (for your younger siblings), Blankie Babies! Each Blankie Baby™ comes equipped with a soft, polka-dot coral fleece blanket featuring a satin comfort corner™ as well as a molded teething ring. Babies love these teething rings and moms will too as they attach easily to their purse or diaper bag as well as to the Blankie Baby™. 


Zoobies Blankie Baby


Zoobies Blankie Baby


I would recommend Zoobies to kids that travel - it's perfect for a car ride - or even on an airplane! But it would not go amiss on a nighttime reading adventure, whisking you off to far off lands as you read and dream by lamplight...

L Forteau is the Kids Reporter for Wandering Educators




Note: We received a Zoobies and Blankie Baby for review from Zoobies. THANK YOU, Zoobies!