Mackinac Island

The Crown Jewel of the Great Lakes: Mackinac Island (aka Turtle Island)

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Dec 06, 2023 / 0 comments

I’m natively from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, but for five years, my husband and I lived in southwest Michigan. My husband has family that live in the area, and Fernando and I were newly engaged when we first settled in the Kalamazoo area in 2009. I started attending Western Michigan University in 2011 for my master’s degree, and we got married that same year in the fall. As a graduate student, you’re limited with time off because of academic commitments, but we didn’t mind delaying our honeymoon at all. 

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Mackinac Island with the Ghost of Magdelaine La Framboise

“Welcome to 1816.” Magdelaine La Framboise’s spirit greeted our arrival to the island she had loved. The Odawa-French fur trader, who had fascinated me for years, invited my husband, Bob, and me to stay at the Harbour View Inn. In its prior life, the current B&B had been her home. Its construction was overseen by her son-in-law, Captain Benjamin Pierce, brother to future President Franklin Pierce. The gentle breezes whispered Magdelaine's words, “I apologize that I can’t spend more time with you.

Michigan's Small Town Treasures: Mackinac Island

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Jun 16, 2017 / 1 comments

Originally called Michilimackinac Island, there were at least fifty-five spellings to twist newcomers’ tongues around the lyrical name. To make life easier, Michilimackinac was shortened to Mackinac and later, when the British arrived to stake a claim to the fur trade, they began spelling it "Mackinaw" which was in accord with its pronunciation.

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Undefeated: The Story of Shepler’s Mackinac Island Ferry

There are a few things that Michiganders know, growing up. One is the beauty of a Michigan winter (good thing, because it is very snowy and cold!). Second is the incredible landscape we live in, from beaches to mountains, city to rural, and even a few islands thrown in. Another is our strong work ethic – arising from our northern European ancestors, and strengthened through winter and landscape. We honor this work ethic here, in a variety of ways.