Bacon and Ale Trail? Thank you, Stratford!

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You know how much we love Stratford, Ontario, right? It's the perfect mix of great food, lovely scenery, art, culture, interesting people, and joy. When we visited last fall, we couldn't stop exclaiming over everything - but especially the food. We participated in several food trails, including the Bacon and Ale Trail. Don't drink? I don't, and I loved every single bit of bacony goodness that came my way. Take a look...

Visiting Stratford, Ontario? The first thing you need to do...

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MThere are many reasons to visit Stratford - the legendary theatre (of course!), the incredible culinary scene, the arts, the beautiful setting, and the kind and interesting people who live there.

For whatever reasons you're visiting Stratford, there's ONE thing you need to do first. We did, and it informed and influenced our entire visit.

Young Stars Light Up the Stage at Stratford's Springworks Festival

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In a simple basement with bare light bulbs and a water heater for company, five gifted musicians are making extraordinary music. In a studio that means business (except for the cheerful teal and silver dots adorning one wall), eight talented dancers are pushing the boundaries of what their bodies can do. On an often isolated journey, a budding composer is hearing whole orchestras. What do they have in common? None of them are older than 25.  

Sharron Matthews Set to Open Stratford's SpringWorks Festival With a Bang

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Opening nights are ever an exciting and elegant gala, celebrating months of hard work. This year on May 12 – at SpringWorks indie theatre & arts festival – will be no exception. Though there may be a bit more rocking out as Sharron Matthews takes the stage with her signature irreverent wit and solid gold mash-ups in a comedic tour-de-force concert.

What is it like to be a writer? Canadian author Marianne Brandis on the creative life

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As a writer, I am entranced by words. I love them – writing them, reading them, re-reading them, finding writers that use them in creative, interesting ways. To say that my life is one of writing and reading is not an overstatement, but rather, a joyful way to be in the world. 

When I discover writers that I love, I dig in deeply to their words. They enrich my life, thoughts, reading. And, when I have the ability to share the talents of such writers? Well, this is one of the reasons I started this website. 

Hooked: Behind the Scandals - Nicky Guadagni Brings Seven Notorious Women to Life at Stratford's SpringWorks Festival

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As a Dora-Award winning actor, Nicky Guadagni is no stranger to centre stage. In her one-woman show Hooked, all eyes are certainly on her and audiences are utterly captivated by her “exquisite, note-perfect performance” (Brian D. Johnson, Maclean’s Magazine).  

Margo MacDonald: Renaissance Woman Takes the Stage at Stratford's SpringWorks Festival

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“Right here, right now, for one night only, I’ll tell you something special I ain’t never told no one before; I’ll tell you the truth” is the compelling opening to multi-award winning actor, director, and creator Margo MacDonald’s production The Elephant Girls. This show is a lost piece of women’s history, telling the tale about Britain’s most notorious girl-gang who terrorized London for over 100 years.

Stratford’s indie theatre and arts festival: Springworks

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Stratford’s indie theatre and arts festival is celebrating its sixth season with a line-up of more than 40 artists and companies. Running from May 12 to 22, SpringWorks 2016 features an eclectic mix of theatre, music, dance, poetry and visual art. Following a successful launch last year, the SpringWorks Puppet Festival will return on Victoria Day weekend.

Savour Stratford's Maple Trail Adventure

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The anticipation of Canada’s delicious iconic maple syrup is palpable as the first sign of spring. To celebrate, Stratford Tourism Alliance presents the Savour Stratford Maple Trail adventure. This sweet self-guided tasting tour offers a unique maple tasting experience during March and April. 

World's Experts in Childhood Creativity to Gather For World Festival of Children's Theatre

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The World Festival of Children's Theatre, coming to Stratford this summer, offers a pivotal opportunity for those who care about childhood creativity to share their inspiration and best practices. Experts in children's theatre and creative play will gather concurrently in Stratford for PLAY! A Symposium, a key educational exchange presented in the context of the world festival at the University of Waterloo's Stratford campus. Local, Canadian and international participants are welcome and encouraged to participate.