Winter's Music for Connection and Celebration, Solitude and Reflection

by Kerry Dexter / Dec 20, 2021 /
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Winter: it's a season of connection and celebration, solitude and reflection.

It is also a time of stories, and of music.

Quite a few of those stories have to do with Advent, and Christmas. Whether those are within your faith or not, there is much to enjoy and learn in the stories. There are many stories of the season told with no words, as well.

Winter's Music for Connection and Celebration, Solitude and Reflection

Snow Tracks

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Publisher's note: we LOVE the amazing articles from our US Fish and Wildlife Service about our natural world. Here's one about tracks in the snow!

Who goes there? Winter is a great time to find out. The snow tells secrets about the natural world.

In woods and plains and less trafficked city streets, the movements of many shy creatures can be revealed in a fresh cover of snow.

Music for a Winter Afternoon

by Kerry Dexter / Dec 21, 2020 /
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In the northern hemisphere, it is winter. Winter has many faces and facets. As you travel through winter, you may well experience all of them. I have always enjoyed winter's aspects of quiet and the season's call to reflection; you may experience this time of year differently. There are holidays and holy days of most faiths; there are secular celebrations; there is the turning of the year. This music will help with the journey.

Music for Starry Winter Nights

by Kerry Dexter / Dec 15, 2019 /
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It is winter in the northern hemisphere.

Unsettled weather in every sense of the word, in every part of the world, at this December.

Yet, that very unsettled aspect can offer encouragement and means to treasure connections, to deepen them, to look for those things which we hold in common rather than what divides us. Yes, that can be hard, but the long term consequences of the alternatives are harder still.

4 Ways to Prepare for the Winter Commute

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The dreaded commute can be bad enough with ever-increasing traffic, but as we creep closer to winter, there’s also a lot to consider in regards to your personal safety over the colder period. According to a study developed by automotive company Ford, the average EU commute is 37.5 minutes per day, whereas the average commute in the UK is 54 minutes.

A WINter Weekend in Norfolk, Connecticut Offers Fun for All

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It’s the perfect winter celebration: outdoor sports; a restaurant crawl and a pancake breakfast; concerts and art shows; kids’ activities, tours and open houses, ice carving and much more will be featured during Norfolk’s first WINter Weekend, Saturday and Sunday, February 24 and 25. What’s even better, most of the events are free.

Skiing - A WINter Weekend in Norfolk, Connecticut Offers Fun for All

7 Fun Things to Do during the Harsh Michigan Winters

by Dr. Jessie Voigts / Jan 16, 2018 /
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This month at the Travel Blog Mob, the theme is Stupid Questions (although we all KNOW that there are no stupid questions, right?). It's all a matter of perspective.

So, our Stupid Question to answer this month: What is there to do in Michigan during the long cold winter months?


Music for Winter's Changes

by Kerry Dexter / Jan 15, 2018 /
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It is winter, just past the turning of the year. This is a time which in invites reflection, resolutions, thoughts of change, thoughts of what may come. Here is music which will be a good companion to you as you consider these things, in winter and at other times of year.

Music for Winter's Changes

Music for a Winter's Eve

by Kerry Dexter / Dec 18, 2017 /
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Winter is a season for gathering together, and for solitude, for savoring connection and dealing with distance, for, as the song says, greeting a friend and welcoming a stranger. Music can be both timely and timeless about all this.

The Island of the Midnight Sun

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Follow me on a two hour drive around Andøya Island, northern Norway last week. It is the island where I grew up.

The Island of the Midnight Sun. Photographer Benny Høynes

The Island of the Midnight Sun. Photographer Benny Høynes