Orbs Abroad!!

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Feb 05, 2009 / 0 comments

Have you ever caught unusual blurbs or “Orbs” in your travel
photos taken by your digital camera? For years I found these anomalies and
thought they were dust speckles, light flares, or other irregularities that
ruined a perfectly good shot!  Then I listened to a podcast from Notes From A Ghostwriter (www.SourceNewAge.com) where hosts Sandie and Zsuzsana discussed the topic of orbs caught on camera.  Good thing I’m a saver of “just in case” photos, because I found a huge number of photographs taken in Italy where orbs of different sizes, shapes, opacity, and patterns.  Curious about my new-found discovery, I contacted Sandie and Zsuzsana for an interview about orbs, and what I found out was amazing!  

In this episode, “Orbs Abroad”, we investigate the different orbs in my photographs taken in different places in Italy such as Rome, Florence, Assisi, and Pompeii.  We discussed the meaning of orbs, the difference between orbs and dust particles, the spiritual nature of some of these orbs….and most interesting, we settled an ongoing story that the Pantheon is haunted by a famous Italian figure whose tomb rests there…

Be prepared to be amazed, entertained, and maybe even spooked. And if you have any unusual apparitions or orbs in your travel photos
you’d like to share with me, let me know: ARoadRetraveled [at] mac.com

Here are some tips I’ve learned on increasing your chances of getting orbs in your photo (and you don’t have to go to grave yards looking for them either!!)

1.  Churches are often top places where you find orbs in your photos.

2.  Places that were historically known to have been densely populated.

3.  Places where battles took place, or people died in large numbers.

4.  Places known to be haunted by ghosts or spirits.

5.  Orbs appear only for a nano-second, therefore you can take a photo or two and not get any orbs. It might require multiple attempts at photographing a place before you can be sure there aren’t any orbs around.

6.  Religious or spiritual gatherings and events, and even family reunions are places where people captured many orbs in their photos.

7.  Most of my photos with orbs were shot without flash.

8.  Orbs are also found in hallways and corridors. Why that is, I don’t know.

9.  Orbs have only rarely been caught on video camera. I’ve seen only one orb on film…in my case, I don’t recall finding one in videos I shot during my travels.

10.  Before you decide whether you have orbs or dust specks on your photos, watch Orbs Abroad, or ask someone who is knowledgeable on orbs or paranormal activities.

Episode #11 Orbs Abroad