A Piece of Peace

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Jan 16, 2009 / 0 comments

A Piece of Peace

Where is a Peace March more suitable than in Assisi, the town of St Francis, one of the most peaceful places in the world?

Probably without coincidence, every other year following the St Francis Festival in October, Marcia de Pace takes place. As you will see in this week’s featured show, people from all over the world arrive for this important event. And march the do…all the way from nearby town of Perugia to Assisi, ascending uphill to Rocca Maggiore where food, refreshments and concerts await.  Speakers, with the help of Italian translators, speak on behalf of their countries’ plea for peace.

To me it was an exciting event. Not only it was my first peace march (although I only marched from my hotel in Assisi up to Rocca Maggiore – a whopping 15 minute “march”), but being a part of such a large international gathering, made me feel as though Assisi was literally transformed into a global village.

Mary and the Peace March EP.#18 (part 2 of 3)