Cell Phone and GPS Rental Europe

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Keeping in touch while overseas is so important - for peace of mind, to keep track of people and events at home, and in case of emergencies.  While most places have internet cafes, you may prefer to be a little bit more independent.

We've partnered with a company to offer great deals on cell phones, sim card rentals, and gps and satellite services.

The cell phone can be used in over 65 countries, worldwide. Voicemail is standard, and costs about $42.00 a week (or $128.00 a month).

The Sim card rental is an option if you'd prefer to use your own cell phone. It is compatible with GSM phones, has no activation fee, and can be used in over 65 countries worldwide.  If you prefer, France- or Italy-specific Sim cards are available. Cost - about $35.00 a week.

If you're driving, and the car doesn't have a GPS unit included, it might be a good idea to rent a GPS.  Wandering those backroads can be a little bit easier with the security of a GPS to help find your way back! Cost - about $70.00/week, or $360.00/month.

If you're going to very remote areas and would still like to have phone service, then you should consider a satellite phone.  This connects via satellite to global phone networks.  The cost is around $295.00/week, or $998.00/month.