A Luxury Holiday in Egypt

by Asako Maruoka /
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Jun 05, 2012 / 0 comments

Egypt has been a hugely popular tourist destination since the beginning of travel as a leisure pursuit, as the fascination and mystery surrounding Ancient Egypt continues to grow. Every traveller has the destination of Egypt on their list of coveted travel locations to visit.

With so many ways to see and experience the legendary country, the different accommodation options with such a huge variance in price means that so many people can now have access to this mystical world.

A tour through Egypt cannot be complete without a stop or a few days in the chaotic city of Cairo. The vibrant city is a literal assault on the senses with traffic, noise, smog, hawkers and masses of people, travellers all on their way in a hurry. Captivating and charismatic, the dynamic and exciting city offers many opportunities to explore the landmarks of more than 4000 years of history.


Moving further out of the city of Cairo and out to the massive pyramids of Giza, visitors come here to see the unbelievable architecture from the time of the ancient Pharoahs still standing today. With some of the most famous and iconic sights of the world found in Giza, the historic symbolism and mystery surrounding the pyramids entrances all who come to visit.


Just because you are travelling in and around the deserts of the Sahara, doesn’t mean that visitors to Egypt need to sacrifice their creature comforts for camping alongside the banks of the Nile. In fact the very opposite is true; well facilitated, plush hotel rooms, a premier selection of private villas on beachfronts, looking out of the glorious Red Sea, or a sparkling infinity swimming pool, or even a sumptuous stateroom on a Nile cruise boat, offer some of the most indulgent accommodation options on your luxury holiday in Egypt.


With so much luxury and indulgence to be experienced in magical Egypt, visitors would most definitely need to explore all of their accommodation options before finding the best one to suit their needs and holiday requirements.


Depending on the landmarks and special areas you and your travelling party or family would like to see, try and book an apartment or hotel room close to these amenities, so that most of your day is spent exploring and experiencing rather than travelling.


During some times during the year, visitors that are looking to book a luxury holiday in Egypt might be pleasantly surprised at some of the very affordable packages that allows them to enjoy the desert surroundings, in the ultimate lap of luxury for a fraction of the price, than they would have had to fork out during another time of the year.


So, if you are looking for a romantic encounter, an enthralling ancient journey, an indulgent sail down the Nile or a chance to explore this incredible country, explore your options!