How to Travel the World with a Backpack

by Jesse Miles / Dec 13, 2011 / 0 comments

Have you even wanted to travel the world?  How about considering doing it with just a backpack?  Basically a backpacker is a type of independent budget traveller that goes from one place to another with literally no baggage or suitcases.  As you travel the world you would also have to take into consideration your budget, which would obviously depend on factors like preference in your accommodations like hostels, camps, dorms, or hotels.  Undoubtedly, each has its own associated cost.

Another consideration you have to look into as you travel the world with a backpack would be your eating habits as well as the number of tours you are planning to take.  Essentially anyone who will travel the world will have distinct personalities, comfort levels, and budgets.  If this is your first time to travel the world, you may find backpacking quite challenging.  However, as you go further on your adventure, the experience slowly becomes more enjoyable and worthwhile.

Tips on How to Travel the World with a Backpack

Eventually, as you move from one country to another you would have a list of specific activities that you would want to do in a specific locality.  The beauty of backpacking to travel the world is that there is plenty of room for flexibility allowing the traveller to better partake of the amenities the location has to offer.  There is also the joy of making new friends and meeting fellow backpackers along the way.  Some tips on how to travel the world with a backpack includes:

1.     Allow for flexibility of schedule.
When you travel the world with a backpack, you eventually come across locals that will recommend magnificent places that you can visit.  Usually, these are out of the way places that you have never heard of but are worth discovering on your trip.  This is one reason why you must always maintain a flexible schedule in your travel without the hassles of keeping up with flight schedules or packaged tours among others.

2.     Stay longer in fewer places.
Any traveler must realize that the majority of the costs associated when you travel the world would be in the area of transportation. This means that if you stay longer in a particular place and explore all its potentials, the less you have to spend with airfare.  

If you plan to travel the world for example in 20 days, it is not practical to plan for a 10-country destination.  In the same manner that you plan to backpack three continents for the entire summer would be outrageous.  Aside from being costly, it would also be tiring and defeating the purpose of enjoying your trip.

3.     Do as the locals do.
As a tourist, you must realize that the locals know the best way on how to get around their country.  This means that as you travel the world with your backpack, hang around with the locals, ask how to get around in the least expensive way, know where to stay, and what places are worth visiting.  This will help you get a more authentic and valuable experience in your travel that will make it worth remembering and possibly repeating.

4.     Book cheaper flights.
One of your goals as you travel the world with a backpack is to extend the value of your money by looking after your budget.  One great way to do this would be to look for and book expedia flights.  A number of websites present numerous options on how to fly around at the least expense possible.  

Make sure when you plan to travel the world that air travel discounts become part of your considerations.  This not only allows you to save, but also gives you the flexibility of visiting more places on your trip.

5.    Opting for cheap accommodations.
There are a number of excellent backpacker hostels that provide great value for the money.  Aside from allowing you to meet up with other backpackers, they also have comfortable dormitory type rooms with options for single and private double rooms.  The beautiful thing about these types of accommodations is that they can accept virtually all types of travelers.  

If you are not comfortable with hostels, then the next practical step would be to look for an affordable hotel.  Undoubtedly, it would cost a bit more, but if certain medical or physical limitations require that you have more comfortable amenities, then the slight difference in the cost would be worth it.

6.     Student discounts.
If you are a student, one of the most practical ways to make the most of your trip is to take advantage of student discounts.  Normally, as you plan to travel the world you will encounter student discounts for any student under 26 years old.

These opportunities will allow you to make the most of your trip, as well as enhance the experience of backpacking.  You can travel the world under this pretense in the form of:

  • Travel scholarships that help university students subsidize the cost of their trips
  • World Traveler Internship, a program that gives two deserving and qualified young students the opportunity to travel the world for free during the summer break
  • Airfare discounts for students
  • Discount cards given specifically to students

There are other ways on how to travel the world with a backpack.  Essentially, these will help to get you started.  The other ways, you will encounter and discover as you go along your way in taking on a relaxing and enjoyable trip.  Keep in mind though as part of your preparation to travel the world to make sure that you have travel insurance.  This will help to protect you from any eventuality as you go and travel the world with your backpack.