Educational Sites to See in London

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Named second on the list of the "World's Best Places to Visit" by U.S. News & World Report, London is an international hub for tourists looking for a destination filled with history and culture.


Educational sites to see in England

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If you're searching for a place where you can actually have fun while learning, this amazing city is ideal. Take a look at some of these exciting sites that London has to offer tourists of all ages.


Cool things to learn in London


Historical Monuments

In addition to well-known historical sites like the London Tower Bridge and Big Ben, there's plenty of lesser-known historical monuments throughout London, many of which are as visually stunning as they are informative. For example, to learn about some of London's past hardships, you can visit the memorial simply known as The Monument. Located at the crossing of Monument Street and Fish Street Hill, it was constructed between 1671 and 1677 in remembrance to the Great Fire of London and to commemorate the rebuilding of the city.

Of course, that's not to discount a popular and tourist-rich spots like Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace. If you're in London, they definitely deserve a visit. Opt for a guided historic tour  to see them all, and learn the stories behind each.
ZSL London Zoo

Opened in 1828, the ZSL London Zoo is the world's oldest scientific zoo. Along with educational exhibits featuring animals from all over the world, the zoo also offers families and school groups amazing up-close experiences. Your group can have a hands-on encounter and interact with all kinds of animals, from giraffes and kangaroos to aardvarks and penguins, with the aid of the zoo keepers of course.

The zoo is located within Regent's Park, so after you've explored the exhibits to your heart's content, you can wander along the beautiful surroundings that include walkway paths and a picturesque lake. If you're lucky, you may even catch musicians performing on the park's bandstand.


The London International Antiquarian Book Fair

I found out about the London International Antiquarian Book Fair while browsing for plane tickets, which turned into an information experience. Among other must-visit locales and activities, British Airways lists the fair in its What's Hot in London guide, which is also helpful for staying updated on the latest happenings all around the city.


London International Antiquarian Book Fair

Photo courtesy London International Antiquarian Book Fair


According to their guide, the festival takes place from 28 to 30 May at the Olympia National. Visitors can browse the enormous selection of books and prints while viewing the antiquarian collections presented by various vendors. An antique edition can be a little more expensive than your average paperback, but they do make for amazing and educational souvenirs.

For information on other artistic events, I recommend checking out Visit London and their guide to family activities. There you can find a schedule for local plays, current exhibits, and other cultural happenings around the city.

London is a truly world all its own. If you're looking for a place that offers as much excitement as it does education, this city is just what you need.