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Read This! There’s a Yeti in My Tummy

We’ve got such an incredible read aloud book to share with you today! There's a Yeti in my Tummy, written by Meredith Rusu with illustrations by Martín Morón, is a fun, playful read that teaches much to both parents and kids. Let me explain…

Read This! There’s a Yeti in My Tummy

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Garden Hoses: The Lifelines of Lush Landscapes

In the choreography of gardening, where plants pirouette under the sun's gaze and flowers sway to the rhythm of the wind, the unsung hero that orchestrates this ballet of beauty is the humble garden hose. Far more than a simple conduit for water, garden hoses weave a tale of convenience, nurture, and the bond between humans and nature.

Garden Hoses: The Lifelines of Lush Landscapes
A Symphony of Convenience

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Win This: National Geographic's Bite, Sting, Kill! Book Blitz


Explore the animal kingdom like never before in this thrilling roundup of animals that bite, sting … and kill.

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What You Should Be Wearing Under a Wetsuit

Wetsuits are some of the most versatile items of clothing on the market, being ideal for swimmers, divers, or water sport-enthusiasts. Constructed from a durable, water-proof material that provides hydrodynamic properties and enhanced capabilities both under and above the water, they are a firm favourite for professional athletes and amateurs alike. As easy as they can be to slip on, many experts recommend complementing the costume with layers underneath.

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Read This: Potatoes for Pirate Pearl


We've got a delicious new picture book to share with you today, Potatoes for Pirate Pearl, written by Jennifer Concepcion and illustrated by Chloe Burgett. The book will be released September 19, 2023.

This cleverly illustrated pirate-packed and hilarious read-aloud is an entertaining way to introduce young readers to where their food comes from.

Emetophobia warning: mentioned twice. 

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From Teacher To Entrepreneur: How To Turn Your Skills Into Business Acumen

Teaching is more than just a career choice. It’s also a journey that gives you valuable skills that you can utilize outside of the classroom. The average teacher has 14 years of experience under their belt and a whole wealth of knowledge of skills. When you pair that up with the invaluable experiences of traveling the world, you’re undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with.

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Artificial Intelligence Will Impact Your Children’s Future Self-Sufficiency

There’s no denying that during elementary school, children learn fundamental skills including writing, math, critical thinking, and problem-solving. The introduction of artificial intelligence may hinder their ability to think for themselves and stifle their creativity. 

So, what is the solution? Until a child is literate, can read and comprehend what they are reading, write clearly and convincingly, and compute through basic algebra using only their own brainpower, do not introduce artificial intelligence into the elementary classroom.

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Top Destinations for a Cruise Experience in Central America

Central America is becoming increasingly popular for a cruise experience, and it’s not hard to see why! With the iconic Panama Canal, an engineering marvel, and the rainforests abundant with wildlife for nature lovers, there’s something for everyone to explore and enjoy on a Central America cruise. 

Top Destinations for a Cruise Experience in Central America

Through the Eyes of an Educator: Getting your groove back

by Stacey Ebert /
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Aug 07, 2023 / 0 comments

I grew up on Long Island, New York. Summer was and is my favourite season. For as long as I can remember, summertime meant my summer camp second home, and the moment I could drive meant any spare time spent at the beach. The ocean and sand are so much a part of me that I moved to live beside them for a decade (and later flipped coasts to relish their brilliance all year long).

Seeing Our Students: Understanding How Lenses Shape Our Teaching

by Lacey Robinson / Aug 05, 2023 / 0 comments

What I couldn’t articulate in my early career track as a teacher was that whenever I observed environments where students of color were present, I noticed the ways that implicit bias may have been at play in their learning and school environments. For instance, bias is obvious to me in school hallways in which children are walking single file, with bubbles in their mouths, to prevent them from talking to each other. This ill-advised classroom management strategy asks kids to close their lips and puff their cheeks, as if they are holding a bubble.