5 Ways Traveling With a Fanny Pack can Protect You

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Staying safe and not losing any of your possessions is probably the most important thing for travelers. Some countries, inevitably, are safer or more dangerous to visit than others. Central America may not be as safe as travelling to somewhere like Norway, for example. However, every country has risks, and you need to protect yourself in unfamiliar environments. The best way for me is to use a fanny pack, which lets me keep all my valuables in one safe place that the pickpockets can’t get to.

Studying Abroad in London: A Trip to Bath

by Heather Robinette / Jun 11, 2017 /
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Thanks for checking out the next blog in my series on traveling outside of London during your time abroad! If you didn’t get a chance to start at the beginning, make sure you read my first post here. The series then starts with my trip to Stonehenge. You can read the next post here

12 Tips for Multi Destination Travel

by smartpoodle / Jun 11, 2017 /

Multi Destination Travel – It’s All in the Planning

Florida Culture for the Week of June 11, 2017 By Josh Garrick

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Florida Culture for the Week of June 11, 2017 By Josh Garrick    

How Travel Saved My Sanity

by Brianna Krueger / Jun 10, 2017 /
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At 26, I never thought I’d have a breakdown, but I did. A combo of heartbreak and being overworked did the trick. The two happened so quickly and simultaneously it felt like I was pushed off a speeding bike, or like the rug had been swept from under my feet, leaving me to fall nowhere. Everything was exhausting, and the motions were just being done, life wasn’t being lived; I felt like a zombie. Not even weekends could refresh me.

Midwest Travel Experts On 50 Best Coffee Roasters You Need to Know

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"Without my morning coffee I’m just like a dried up piece of roast goat." - Johann Sebastian Bach

Midwest Travel Experts On 50 Best Coffee Roasters You Need to Know

The George Spangler Farm Civil War Field Hospital Programs at Gettysburg

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Gettysburg, Pa.– The Gettysburg Foundation will open the historic George Spangler Farm Civil War Field Hospital site to visitors on weekends, June 9 through August 13. Visitors will be transported back to July and August of 1863 as they walk in the footsteps of those who experienced the carnage left from the aftermath of the battle of Gettysburg.

More than A Garden: Curious Llamas, Tiny Houses, and Teapot Trees at Kingsbrae Garden

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We’ve just returned from an Epic Canadian Road Trip, driving from our home in Kalamazoo, Michigan all the way out to St. John’sNewfoundland (yes, a ferry was involved). Why? Well, I’m the co-founder of Writing Walking Women, and we chose St. John’s as the site of our conference this year – MUCH more on that to come!

How to Plan the Perfect Trip to France's Occitanie Region

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Love art, wine, and caves? How about history, mountains, and lakes? Well, I’ve got the perfect place for you! Head to France, and explore the Occitanie region. It’s chock-full of all of the above, and more (think food: cassoulet!). 

Through the Eyes of an Educator: Go Explore

by Stacey Ebert / Jun 05, 2017 /

June. The month where school kids get antsy, educators are doing their best to get it all in, parents are getting stuff ready for camp, and many are planning adventures near and far. It’s a change of season, the shedding of layers, an infusion of vitamin D, and a time when one door closes and another opens. Teachers in the United States are either counting the days or already out enjoying some well-deserved time away from school.