Mostra di Raffaello ~ Urbino, Italy

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Well I thought I'd add a little class - culture & arts!
(Raffaello, self portrait)

From the 4th of April until the 12th of July the beautiful medieval Palazzo Ducale of Urbino (Duke's Palace) is unveiling many rare & early works of their good ol homeboy Raffaello.

Making all those in Urbino proud, yes! this famous painter was born & raised in Urbino (our 'big' town, only 25 minutes away) they have chosen to display this show in Raffeaello's hometown.

The exhibition reconstructs the artistic & cultural background of the late 14o0's when Raffaello & his father ran a rich & successful studio.
Madonna & Child
(Madonna & Child)

The town of Urbino had a strong influence on his developement as an artist & remained an important reference point for him throughout his life.

(Saint Michael)

For more on Raffaello & Urbino or to buy tickets - Click here!

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