Timeshares: The Vacation Accommodation Alternative

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May 26, 2012 / 0 comments

Are you intrigued by the notion of timeshares, but aren’t sure where to learn about them? Or, are you looking for a great rental to help save on vacation costs? There is so much misinformation out there about timeshares – buying, renting, or selling – that often people just stay away and go the more expensive hotel route. But there is great opportunity here to save money, which, in turn, means you can travel more! As well, you can live more comfortably in an apartment-style vacation stay, rather than in a hotel room. SellMyTimeshareNow.com is a great business which fills this need admirably.


We spoke with the expert, CEO Jason Tremblay about Sell My Timeshare Now, the genesis of the business, how to best utilize the website, and a variety of tips for renting a timeshare, for timeshare owners, and for using the timeshare market for vacations. Here’s what he had to say…

Jason Tremblay

1.  Please tell us about Sell My Timeshare Now...

Sell My Timeshare Now is the most trusted online resource for buying, selling, or renting timeshares, fractionals, and other vacation ownership products. Vacation time shouldn’t be something people put on the back burner of their lives; time off from daily responsibilities is important to our minds, bodies, and our relationships with those we love. Through our user-friendly website and the largest inventory of available rentals and resale timeshares, Sell My Timeshare Now makes affordable vacation accommodations easy to explore, easy to rent or own, and easy to work into the family budget.

2.  What was the genesis of your site?

In 2003, we began our company because we wanted to provide an online resource for consumers to buy, sell, or rent timeshares, a service that really did not exist at that time in any effective, easily accessible way. Initially we offered only by-owner advertising for timeshare owners to market their timeshare for sale or rent. From its launch, our business has thrived because the need is great; what to do with a timeshare when you no longer wish to own it is a challenge for many owners. At the same time, traffic to our websites consistently includes more buyers and renters than sellers, meaning that as we provide resale and rental options for owners we are also creating affordable vacation opportunities for renters and buyers.

As we grew, we also realized that resale by-owner or rent by-owner is not the best strategy for all timeshare owners. Some owners prefer or need a fully assisted brokerage sale in which the licensed timeshare real estate broker handles all parts of the timeshare transaction from start to finish. So we added licensed timeshare brokerage to our menu of services through our brands TimeshareBrokerServices.com and VacationOwnership.com and a year later we added resort services, enabling us also to help timeshare resorts, management companies and resort homeowners associations better serve the needs of their owners who wish to buy, rent, or sell timeshare.

Jason Tremblay



3.  How can travelers best utilize your site?

Our website offers multiple ways to enjoy timeshares, including renting or buying resale, the opportunity to plan both long term or travel last minute, and rentals that let you plan a multi-week vacation or a weekend getaway. Travelers can search for great deals on vacation rentals and vacation ownership, searching by price, by destination, by dates of availability, by resort brand, resort amenities, or any number of other variables that our search functions support.


4.  Do you have any tips for renting a timeshare?

Timeshare rental is an amazing but underutilized way to vacation. When you rent timeshare directly from the current owner, you have the opportunity to take advantage of some of the best deals available in vacation accommodations. That’s because owners are often facing a situation in which they cannot use their timeshare themselves this year, and it is about to go unused. Yet the owner will still owe their annual fees and in some cases even mortgage payments on the timeshare. For the owner, renting, even at a discounted price, is a benefit. And renters often find that for the price of a single hotel room (and often for less) they can rent a timeshare with a kitchen, dining area, perhaps multiple private bedrooms and baths – and many timeshare units even include a washer and dryer. Typically timeshare resorts—because they are vacation destinations geared for the whole family—offer far more onsite amenities and scheduled activities than you find at a hotel. And Sell My Timeshare Now even offers options for applying for a credit line to finance your vacation, including funds that can be used for your timeshare rental and more, helping you cover the cost of airfare and other vacation expenses without tying up your credit cards.

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5.  How can timeshare owners get the most out of working with SellMyTimeshareNow.com?

Current owners can benefit from working with Sell My Timeshare Now in many different ways. We can help them rent their timeshare should they find they are unable to use it themselves, even if they have waited until the last minute to do so. If they are interested in reselling their timeshare, we offer by-owner timeshare advertising and through our brokerage brand, VacationOwnership.com, fully assisted, licensed timeshare brokerage, both utilizing the most highly visible platform available for getting timeshare for sale or rent in front of interested buyers or renters. We also offer financing options to help owners who want to continue to own a timeshare they still owe money on, but who could benefit from better terms and/or a lower interest rate. And these are loans that, unlike a traditional home refinance loan, don’t require appraisals or an extensive application process.

6.  What are your top tips for the Timeshare market?

Take advantage of timeshare rentals. The deals are excellent, the accommodations amazing, and rentals provide a great way for you to learn more about timeshare resorts and about how timesharing works.

Ask questions and do your homework before you buy on the resale market. Timeshares and vacation ownership is an ideal way to vacation, but no two brands or even resorts offer the same terms and benefits. So take the time to know what you are buying and make sure you buy a timeshare resale that fits both your budget and the way you and your family like to vacation.

When you visit our website, if you don’t see what you are looking for, contact us. We have over 40,000 active ads or listings for timeshare resales and timeshare rentals, as well as an experienced team who can help you with suggestions you may not have even considered.




7.  Is there anything else you'd like to share with us?

We always encourage people to set aside their idea of what they think timeshare is and come explore our website and our inventory of great vacations. Timeshare is not what many people think it is … it’s a modern, flexible way to vacation in great resorts at a low cost.

When you’re planning your next vacation, and deciding on your accommodations, spend some time looking at timeshares. The value they offer may surprise you.