A Warm Welcome at Palomar, Kimpton's Luxury Boutique Hotel in DC

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Dec 15, 2014 / 0 comments

We found a home. When we were invited to the White House for the Summit on Study Abroad and Global Citizenship this past week, we knew we'd need a home base. For when you live in the country, cities can be overwhelming, and finding a place to call home is important for quiet, sanity, and family togetherness.


Welcome to the Palomar DC


Palomar DC - Why I love this place so!


Enter the Palomar, a Kimpton Hotel located in Dupont Circle, Washington, DC. Let me tell you: from the first minute we walked in to late night arrivals after being at the White House to grey and rainy days, Palomar was a welcome touchstone in a busy city.


Dupont Circle neighborhood, view from the Palomar DC


Welcome to Palomar DC


The Welcome

The first thing you notice, when walking into the Palomar, is how welcoming it is. There's a crackling fireplace, and chairs that encourage you to sink in, warm up, relax. There's art, everywhere. Actually, this was my second favorite part of the Palomar (I hear you asking, what's the first part? Hold on...). From the entryway to the hallways to art in our room, we were surrounded by color, inspiration, happiness. Our daugher, an artist, was happy discovering new art around every corner. You should see the photos on her ipad! Inspiration strikes, here.


Art at Palomar DC - inspiring!


Inspiring art at Palomar DC


The Room

Our room was amazing, extremely spacious, and calming. From the art on the walls to the clean, crisp linens to luxurious bathroom amenities, we were in alt. Add to it extraordinarily comfortable beds (please note that I took approximately 15 photos of our beds) and I cannot imagine a better haven for our family. There were snacks, a large tv (Ed can't miss his football games), an ergonomically correct work area (because travel bloggers and CBS Sports Radio show hosts never stop working), a yoga mat for Lillie, an enormous closet, umbrellas, and floor to ceiling windows that showcased our lovely neighborhood.


I slept well here! Palomar DC

I love this bed


Lovely bathroom, Palomar DC

Spacious bathroom, lovely amenities, hilarious coasters


Welcome snacks after a very long drive from Michigan. Palomar DC

Welcome snacks after a very long drive from Michigan.


Did I mention I love this bed? Palomar DC

Did I mention I love this bed?


Bring the Fun

The lobby hosts coffee, tea, and hot chocolate (complete with huge jars of marshmallows and chocolate shavings!) every morning, and a wine hour every evening (alas, we were called elsewhere). In the morning, there are also at least 6 different newspapers available, lovingly displayed on the best magazine racks I've ever seen. There's a bike to borrow, if you're interested (and one of our facebook friends notes that you can do bike tours with the manager some afternoons!), and the hotel is pet-friendly - I saw dishes of snacks and water, as well as the doorman with a dog several times! It is also close to the Dupont Circle Metro Station, which my husband and daughter used every day.


Morning coffee, Palomar DC


Enticing marshmallows and chocolate, Palomar DC



Ride a bike at Palomar DC


In pursuit of knowledge. Palomar DC

In pursuit of knowledge.


Pet bowls at the entrance! Palomar DC

Pet bowls at the entrance!


But here's why we love Hotel Palomar

I know you're wondering what my favorite part of the Palomar is, and why we felt so at home there. Why? The people. It seems like a cliche, but it's true. From working with reservations to the sage advice of Rachel at the front desk (who ever-so-patiently answered questions, drew on maps, and made excellent suggestions) to the valets and doormen, everyone was friendly, helpful, and worked to make Palomar seem like home. The valets had our car ready quickly, and even TURNED ON THE SEAT HEATERS each chilly morning (thank you!). For someone with disabilities who needs her car to get around, this was, hands down, the best and most accessible service and hotel I've ever experienced. We now have a new favorite bagel place (thank you, Rachel), annotated maps (thank you again, Rachel and many others), ease of getting to the Palomar (thank you, Kimpton website), ease of dealing with my car (thank you, valets), and the friendliness of everyone we met there - who truly, and honestly, made us feel at home in a new city. Thank you.


Welcome Home to Palomar DC

Welcome Home


I can sleep here! Palomar DC

(did I mention the best beds?)


Welcome back to the Palomar DC


As our daughter said within an hour of arrival, "Mom, we're Kimpton people now." Indeed.


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All photos courtesy and copyright Wandering Educators.

We were given a media rate for our stay at the Palomar - thank you! All opinions expressed are my own, but WOW did Palomar shine through.