Photographer of the Month: Gregory Bozik

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It was the lighthouse, of course, that caught my attention. Those important beacons of light work even through the internet, apparently. I saw one of Gregory Bozik's photos, and was drawn in immediately. A Michigan photographer, he's got an incredible eye for sharing the beauty of our state - and, of course, of our deep love of the Great Lakes. 

Lake Michigan- Grand Haven lighthouse. Photographer Gregory Bozik
Sunset on Lake Michigan, Grand Haven lighthouse. Photographer Gregory Bozik

I was even more impressed once I dug into his visual work - both photography and videography - and knew we needed to share his talents with our wandering educators.

Lake Michigan sunset. Photographer Gregory Bozik
Mighty Mac bridge, Michigan. Photographer Gregory Bozik

Gregory notes, "I am truly living the dream, I married my beautiful high school sweetheart in the summer of 2014 and I am making a living with my passion! I have been apart of video production and photography for just about 13 years now. It has been my passion to help tell stories and preserve memories in a way that brings families closer together and companies closer to their customers. I enjoy everything about my career, the places it takes me, the people I meet and the new experiences that I get to learn from. Everyone has a story to tell and I am happy to bridge that gap.

My go-to hardware is Apple. I equally love the software that I have been working on since I was a Junior at Fruitport High School. Adobe CC has given me the opportunity to use all the software I need to connect, brainstorm, develop, shoot, edit and publish a high quality video/ photo product to any audience.

I always look forward to new projects and building my portfolio, so feel free to contact me at: gregory.bozik[at] or join me on LinkedIn."

Without further ado, the words and images of Gregory Bozik...

Photographer Gregory Bozik
Sunset. Photographer Gregory Bozik

How did you get interested in photography?
My interest in photography began when I bought my first DSLR for video. I’d been making highlight reels for sports teams in the area and I wanted to try a new look. When my Canon T2i came in the mail, I took some basic shots in my studio and really liked the images.

So naturally, I began learning about shooting in RAW format. I was excited for the endless possibilities unlocking all of that information gave me. Coming from a Sony point and shoot, it was simply amazing. I laugh now, because originally I bought that first DSLR to shoot video and yet it sparked in me a need to take photographs.

Naples Pier Winter 2017. Photographer Gregory Bozik
Naples Jan of 2017
Photographer Gregory Bozik
Grand Haven Beach of 2017

Postcard from Holland, MI | gb from Gregory Bozik on Vimeo.


How long have you been a photographer?
I’ve been a photographer just over a decade. It started early with my point and shoot cameras and it developed into a passion once I explored the DSLR world.

Photographer Gregory Bozik
Grand Haven sunset. Photographer Gregory Bozik
Grand Haven sunset. Photographer Gregory Bozik

What is your favorite place or thing to photograph?
I would have to say landscapes are my favorite thing to capture. The mix of uncontrolled light and waiting for the “right” moment is so peaceful. It allows me to truly slow down and enjoy the moment. Sometimes, when I’m not up too late the night before, I can make it out to capture a sunrise. These are some of my favorite shots. Being the only one out there in that moment, experiencing the first morning light, I can capture the perfect shot.

Sailboats in a marina. Photographer Gregory Bozik
Notre Dame. Photographer Gregory Bozik
Photographer Gregory Bozik

How can photographers be a part of change in the world?
I believe photographers change the world as storytellers. We have a unique gift to capture our surroundings and see things from many perspectives. And now with the power of social media, we can connect with a larger audience than ever before. As it’s said, “with great power, comes great responsibility”. I believe it’s our duty to capture and share as many stories as we can. You never know who will relate to your image or who’s gift you might inspire. The world can always use a good image to help tell a story.

Sunset at Lake Michigan. Photographer Gregory Bozik
Holland lighthouse. Photographer Gregory Bozik
Photographer Gregory Bozik

Do you have any trips planned for the future, and if so, what are you looking forward to?
I’m 100% certain there’s a trip planned in the future. My wife is amazing at this. She plans these “day trips” that end up stretching into the last hours of the weekend. She’ll pick somewhere
three, four, or five hours away and just go on this adventure. I take shots as we travel throughout the days and often walk away with something new.

Photographer Gregory Bozik
Grand Haven lighthouse. Photographer Gregory Bozik
Air formation. Photographer Gregory Bozik
Frankfort sunset. Photographer Gregory Bozik

Any photography tips you want to share?
“Practice out loud“ was some of the best advice I’ve ever received. Practice outside, practice in public, get feedback, ask questions. Remember to have fun with it. This field is so complex, it can be easy to become overwhelmed. I’ve spent hours on end editing a single photograph, playing with different techniques. Enjoy the process.

Michigan lighthouse. Photographer Gregory Bozik
Grand Haven lighthouse sunset. Photographer Gregory Bozik
Grand Haven lighthouse in August
Sunset. Photographer Gregory Bozik
Arcadia Summer Sunset

Is there anything else you'd like to share with us?
Share your ideas with the world. It’s your vision and no one else can create what you see. So get out there and make your art.

Lake Michigan lighthouse. Photographer Gregory Bozik


Find Gregory online:

Photographer Gregory Bozik
Lake Michigan. Photographer Gregory Bozik
Photographer Gregory Bozik



All photos courtesy and copyright Gregory Bozik