Oh, they'll let any monkey with a cell phone have a Twitter!!!

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Jul 17, 2009 / 1 comments

In an attempt to keep my alter ego Mr Bobo "globally connected", i decided it was a good idea to keep a twitter account going... i've used it to announce  Mr Bobo's involvement in a recent animal rights/pound seizure debate in Montcalm County, publicized a worthy event or two, and also engaged in the obligatory self-absorbed inanity that is all things twitter.

Now mind you, i've only engaged in this for purely my own entertainment... it was inspired by my favorite target of Mr Bobo's affections:the reporters blogging stories instead of reporting NEWS in our local paper (we are STILL fighting not one, but two wars correct? And how's that whole economy thing going?).

So what started out as a cheap excuse to extend a little good natured harassment via some blatant simian self-promotion in the daily news org's local website has now started to get a little weird. I believe i know have close to 10 "followers" on Twitter... what must these people think of me? Do they think that i really am a blues chimp and guerilla artist? Or do they sense that there is some kind of inside joke going on here?  Do they even have a clue what this Mr Bobo game is even all about? 

I have one follower who is an animal rights activist in New York, so that kind of makes sense that he found Mr Bobo... but who are the rest of these so called "followers"? And what is it that they expect to gain from "following" a blues chimp and guerilla artist anyways? What pearls of wisdom do they really think will flow from the opposable thumbs of an internet surfing chimpanzee texting his latest "tweet" anyways? Maybe it's just me, but the whole blinding spotlight on the media thing i instigated here might be starting to shine back into my own furry little face... I don't really think Mr Bobo is a suitable candidate to withstand the ensuing debacle of chimpanzee related media frenzy! It's all going to end up with me in a monky mask and ugly tie acting like Andy Griffith at the end of "a Face in the Crowd"

"I'll tell you people what to think! I'M MR BOBO!!! I'M THE STAR HERE!!!"...and ironically, that skinny blond reporter girl will probably be standing there blogging about it all for the ages...

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  • Dr. Jessie Voigts

    14 years 9 months ago

    bobo-san. you know why people are following you on twitter? to see what you're up to! i already follow a squirrel and pepe the dog. why not a chimp?


    Jessie Voigts, PhD

    Publisher, wanderingeducators.com

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