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Ashley Swinton is an explorer. She’s also a photographer with a great eye and a penchant for sharing her adventures on instagram (@wildfrolicker), where quite a number of people have started to take notice. From her origins on an island off the west coast of Canada, to wanderings around Iceland, Scandinavia, and now trekking around the Rockies, she manages to connect and ground us to the greater world in an intimate and personal way. It’s our pleasure this month to introduce you to the work and words of Ashley Swinton.

Bliss. Photographer Ashley Swinton


Beyond the Bend. Photographer Ashley Swinton

Beyond the Bend

Chapel of Pine. Photographer Ashley Swinton

Chapel of Pine

How did you get interested in photography?

I bought my first camera when I was planning to volunteer in Costa Rica after graduation and that was really what opened my eyes to it. The camera opened my eyes to view things in alternative perspectives - and since then I haven’t looked back.

Reykjavik. Photographer Ashley Swinton


Taking the Long Way. Photographer Ashley Swinton

Taking the Long Way

How long have you been a photographer?

I’ve been taking photos for 5 years but it hasn’t been until recently that I’ve begun to take it more seriously. Even then, I’m in the bad habit of using my iPhone more than my DSLR just because of convenience.

Waterfall of the Gods. Photographer Ashley Swinton

Waterfall of the Gods

Days in London. Photographer Ashley Swinton

Days in London

The Calling. Photographer Ashley Swinton

The Calling

What is your favorite place to photograph? Or subject?

My favourite places to photograph will always be the mountains. Whether it’s the view from the peak or trees en route to the summit, there is always something that will catch my eye along the way. Moments in the mountains are moments I wish I could keep with me forever, so a photograph usually has to suffice. I also really enjoy shooting portraits. There’s something special about capturing laughter and emotion that draws your audience in to the photograph and really makes them absorb it.

Flourish. Photographer Ashley Swinton


Streets of Helsinki. Photographer Ashley Swinton

Streets of Helsinki

Perfect Moments. Photographer Ashley Swinton

Perfect Moments

How can photographers help change/impact the world, while they are traveling?

This has been something that I have been striving for. Even trying to change or inform the world through photography at home. Photography can capture a lot but I find captions are so crucial in situations like that. I’ve been taking photos of regular, everyday sights but including some information in the caption that people may not know about, i.e., surrounding ecosystems, history of the land, how it relates globally. Most importantly, include your audience in how THEY can help. What they can do to create change or sources they can even look to gain information from.

Into the Woods. Photographer Ashley Swinton

Into the Woods

Listen. Photographer Ashley Swinton


Lead the Way. Photographer Ashley Swinton

Lead the Way

Are there rules in other countries people need to be aware of about who or what you can or cannot shoot?

I’ve only traveled within Canada and Europe so I haven’t dealt with many issues while taking photos. I feel like most of it is common sense; ask people before you take their photo, don’t use your camera in churches and other religious atmospheres. Most importantly, be polite and always smile.

Serenity. Photographer Ashley Swinton


Glory of Life. Photographer Ashley Swinton

Glory of Life

Any photography tips you want to share?

Remember your rule of thirds and that the best camera is the one you have with you.

Crashing Shoreline. Photographer Ashley Swinton

Crashing Shoreline

Coastal Frolicking. Photographer Ashley Swinton

Coastal Frolicking

Love of You. Photographer Ashley Swinton

Love of You

Garden of Knowledge. Photographer Ashley Swinton

Garden of Knowledge

Is there anything else you'd like to share with us?

Traveling abroad has made me realize how so many of us take our own backyards for granted. So often when we think of travel we think of going outside our borders, when most often we haven’t seen everything our own country has to offer. I know that I still have so much to see within Canada, and before my next trip I’m definitely going to try and see more of that. Even if you take a new way home from work or follow a different trail in the forest, you’re bound to see something new and experience a little adventure.

Perspective. Photographer Ashley Swinton


Beautiful Classic. Photographer Ashley Swinton

Beautiful Classic

Icelandic Road Stops. Photographer Ashley Swinton

Icelandic Road Stops


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Creation. Photographer Ashley Swinton



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