Photographer of the Month: Sarah Kierstead

by Ashley Swinton / Dec 15, 2015 / 0 comments

Sarah Kierstead, a native of Fredericton, New Brunswick, discovered her passion for photography only a couple of years ago and at the young age of 19, has proven that she has a eye to capture unique and raw images. She has been traveling around her home province as a lifestyle, portrait, and wedding photographer/filmmaker over the past 10 months professionally - and she wouldn’t have it any other way. With Sarah’s bubbly personality, there is no question that whoever is on the other side of the lens is always made comfortable. It is our pleasure to introduce you Sarah Kierstead, our photographer of the month for December.

Photographer of the Month: Sarah Kierstead

Athenais. Photographer Sarah Kierstead


August. Photographer Sarah Kierstead


C A N A D A. Photographer Sarah Kierstead



How did you get interested in photography?    

My interest in photography kind of came about in a very sporadic way. One day, I randomly decided to buy a dslr for no particular reason. I liked photos, but I didn’t have any passion or experience prior to buying that first camera a little over two years ago. However, I do like to think that my new-found love for capturing moments and people is rooted back to my childhood, as my dad always had a video camera in hand at every birthday, play-date, gathering, baptism. I grew up in front of a lens, and now I adore being behind one! 

Curious Mind. Photographer Sarah Kierstead

Curious Mind

Every Sun. Photographer Sarah Kierstead

Every Sun

Forest Shadows. Photographer Sarah Kierstead

Forest Shadows

How long have you been a photographer?

I have been on my photo journey for a little over two years. I began by shooting sunsets, backyard plants, and my little sisters over the first summer I had my camera. That fall, I got asked to shoot a birthday party for a friend at school, and that is where my passion for portrait photography began. Since then, I have done over 100 sessions and 19 weddings, and I have been doing photography professionally for 10 months now. 

Forgetting. Photographer Sarah Kierstead


Holding On. Photographer Sarah Kierstead

Holding On

I Am Not Lost. Photographer Sarah Kierstead

I Am Not Lost

What is your favourite place or thing to photograph?
My favourite thing to photograph, hands down, would be people. I love how complex and diverse portrait photography can be. I really enjoy working with models and creating aesthetically captivating, beautiful images, but I also love the art of capturing people as they are in a real and raw way. One of the best perks of being a portrait photographer is the opportunity it provides to meet so many new and interesting people. I have a long list of former clients I am now happy to call friends, and there are few things I enjoy more than spending an evening in a daisy field, hearing someone’s story, and capturing their unique and wonderful self. 

Megs. Photographer Sarah Kierstead


Morning Glory. Photographer Sarah Kierstead

Morning Glory

Never Look Back. Photographer Sarah Kierstead

Never Look Back

How can photographers be apart of change in the world? 

I think photographers are a vessel for change in the world. Image is powerful. It surpasses language barriers, and has to be one of the most universal tools on the planet giving us insight into different cultures as well as local and world issues. Images can be used as a tool to inspire, challenge, convict, educate, and encourage. Humans of New York, a photomap of people and their stories, is a prime example of how photos can be used to the height of their potential to spark change simply by sharing real and raw stories. Photographers have the power to initiate awareness of forgotten and unknown issues through the photos they take.

Portrait of Bronwyn. Photographer Sarah Kierstead

Portrait of Bronwyn

The Aftermath. Photographer Sarah Kierstead

The Aftermath

Do you believe travel within our own borders is a good first step towards travel?

I am a firm believer in working with the resources you have. Whether that be the camera you are currently using or your geographical location, use what you have to its upmost potential. With that in mind, I have spent the last few months running around New Brunswick searching for its hidden treasures. Of course, I would love to be shooting mountains and travelling the world and doing collaborations with talented artists in big cities, but I realize that it is a process to get there, and I don’t want to overlook the potential that is already in my area while I’m here. Opportunities don’t always come to you. Sometimes, you have to create them yourself, and in doing that, I have experienced great growth as an artist and in my business.     

Back to the Field. Photographer Sarah Kierstead

Back to the Field

Any photography tips you want to share?

There are a bunch of technical and specific tips I could share in regards to shooting portraits, weddings, etc., but probably one of the most relatable and significant lessons I have learned as a photographer is the value in community. When I began doing photography professionally, I was so caught up in comparing my work to others that I missed the opportunity to not only grow my own art but encourage and support others in theirs, as well! Over the last couple of months, I have had the privilege of working with different photographers and creatives, and it is amazing what you can do when you put a bunch of passionate, unique individuals together. Awesome things happen. COMMUNITY OVER COMPETITION. I can’t say it enough. 

Winter’s Breath. Photographer Sarah Kierstead

Winter’s Breath

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Hi, my name is Ashley, the Photography Editor for Wandering Educators. I'm 21 years old and grew up on the west coast of British Columbia. Now nestled in the heart of the Canadian Rocky Mountains, the outdoors play a crucial role in my life both educationally and recreationally. When I'm not taking photos, hiking or biking, I can usually be found immersed in environmental ongoings and helping the people around me care for the planet we share. Regardless of where you find me or what I'll be doing, guarantee that coffee will be near. Find me online at


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