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This month we travel to Patagonia through the lens of photographer Sebastián Giannone. While Sebastián travels with a DSLR camera, every photo appearing in this month’s feature was shot with his cell phone! Technology has come a long way, but you still have to get out there. This is a truth that Sebastián embodies as he travels around Patagonia creating a vast array of images to share. It is my pleasure this month to present to you the travels and words of Sebastián Giannone!

Revolution. Photographer Sebastian Giannone


The Search. Photographer Sebastian Giannone

The Search

Valle del Rio de las Vueltas. Photographer Sebastian Giannone

Valle del Rio de las Vueltas


How did you get interested in photography?

My interest for photography began along with my interest for traveling seven years ago (I´m 29 now). We traveled with some friends to the "sierras" of La Falda, province of Córdoba, here in Argentina, and I couldn´t let go of my friend’s pocket camera. I wanted to capture everything with it. It was my first trip outside the city, so I was like a baby who sees the world for the first time. Besides that, all my life I´ve been interested in art. My mom taught me to draw and paint when I was a child, and I went to an arts and design high school later on.

Zen. Photographer Sebastian Giannone


A Patagonian dream. Photographer Sebastian Giannone

A Patagonian dream


How long have you been a photographer?

I began studying photography 2 and a half years ago. But I only began to think of myself as a photographer just, let´s say, a year ago. It was then that I got more confident with my work, and said to myself, "hey! I want this to be my job. I want to travel and take pictures". I think that in the end I want to encourage people to get outside, into the woods, into the mountains. That´s where the real freedom is. I hope this year to be my first as a fulltime photographer. 

Inner reflections. Photographer Sebastian Giannone

Inner reflections

Lago Argentino. Photographer Sebastian Giannone

Lago Argentino

Lago Viedma. Photographer Sebastian Giannone

Lago Viedma


What is your favorite place to photograph? Or subject?

For the last seven months I´ve been living in El Chaltén, a small town in the argentinian patagonian region. This could be easily my favorite place to photograph. Mountains, forests, glaciers, lakes... it doesn´t get better than that. Also I made a trip to Bariloche and El Bolsón, patagonian towns but northern, where I felt something really special while walking and taking pictures on those mountains and forests. They have a circuit of mountain shelters that no one who likes adventures should miss. Lately, I like to add a human element in my photos, it helps add dimension to the whole picture.

Don't stop dreaming. Photographer Sebastian Giannone

Don't stop dreaming

Doubts. Photographer Sebastian Giannone



How can photographers help change/impact the world, while they are traveling?

I think it´s important when traveling, to show respect to the local culture. It helps a lot to talk with locals and get interested for their way of life. We can learn a lot when traveling, especially when we share with others. Being interested in the problems of the places we are visiting, and seeing if we can help someway, adds a lot of value to our trips, and helps us connect with other cultures. In the end, to travel is to share.  

Laguna de los Tres. Photographer Sebastian Giannone

Laguna de los Tres

Laguna Rosa. Photographer Sebastian Giannone

Laguna Rosa

Be free. Photographer Sebastian Giannone

Be free


Are there rules in other countries people need to be aware of about who or what you can or cannot shoot?

I´ve never really been outside Argentina, so I only can say that here, for example, you could get in trouble if you take pictures of children, let’s say in a park, without the parents permission. It would be better if you first talk with them, and ask properly. I suppose it is the same in other countries.

Contemplation at Laguna Sucia. Photographer Sebastian Giannone

Contemplation at Laguna Sucia

Misty afternoon in el Chalten. Photographer Sebastian Giannone

Misty afternoon in el Chalten

Mother and son. Photographer Sebastian Giannone

Mother and son


Any photography tips you want to share?

Actually, it´s not a photography tip "per se", but... Get up early!! It´s something I regularly struggle with... Haha!!

Patagonian colors. Photographer Sebastian Giannone

Patagonian colors

Patagonian romanticism. Photographer Sebastian Giannone

Patagonian romanticism


Is there anything else you'd like to share with us?

Travel, even within my country, has opened a whole new world to me. Don´t fear to travel alone, once you´re on the road you forget you´re alone, you will meet a lot of interesting people, thats for sure. Also, I truly believe that traveling, as a human in search for new life experiences, not as a "tourist", is key to erase some of humanity´s worst attitudes, like racism.

Patagonian woods

Patagonian woods. 


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