The Big Day Dawns

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Jun 18, 2012 / 0 comments

Our Diamond Jubilee weekend was proving to be better than our wildest dream. We just couldn’t wait for the Sunday afternoon celebrations but breakfast in bed (what a treat) with the Sunday papers made it bearable – but only just. 

Afterwards we went for a wander through lovely St. James’ Park and crossed over the lake using the bridge where all the spies used to meet (that was before they moved to some new offices south of the river, or so they told me anyway). Then it was off to tea with H.M.  The royal flag was flying so she definitely was in for tea. Kept my fingers crossed for a dry afternoon.  They always say, “it was better on TV because you could see everything” but not this time.  How lovely the grounds were, such lovely surroundings - and we each got our own Jubilee picnic hamper for keeps.  What’s that?  The food – oh yes, just scrummy, including the glass of champagne and the considerate rain coat.  I wonder if that was a last minute scramble to shove them in thousands of picnic hampers when they read the weather forecast?

Ladies And Gentlemen...

Let Me Entertain You sang Robbie (he’s a bit to young to be Sir Robbie but give it a few more years and it’ll be Sir Robbie Williams and Lord Barlow) and that set the tone for a great night, and no, I don’t want to crow but this would not have been better on TV either.  All those stars singing and dancing their hearts out and The Queen herself and Prince Charles and sadly yet more rain but it didn’t really matter because we only had to roll downhill through St. James’ Park and we were back for another hot bath.


St. Ermins Hotel


St. Ermin's Hotel




Time To Go Home

Bit of a problem, though, on Sunday.  How were we to check out of the hotel (we were staying at the amazing 4 star St. Ermins Hotel) and still get to take part in the walk down The Mall?  I just couldn’t face all those crowds with my suitcase – wheels or not.  St. Ermins to the rescue!  We checked out of our rooms after breakfast in bed AGAIN and they looked after our bags in locked storage. 


St. Ermin's Hotel



We strolled through St James Park, taking care to avoid the bridge, just in case we were being watched, and joined the crowds lining the Mall.  The sense of excitement grew as the time of the parade grew closer.  Well, it was all worth it.  I’ve never seen so much red, gold, polished metal, and shining leather and then, in the middle this lovely coach and there, so close to me I could almost touch her, was The Queen, with Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cambridge.

The guns firing, the horses clattering on the road and the cheering crowds made a noise I’ll never forget.  Then, down the Mall, I thought it would be a mad rush and that I’d never keep up but it was such a gentle pace.  We got to the outside of the palace and finally the balcony, fly past and a salute from the guards.  I really didn’t want to go home.  What a weekend!




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