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How to Find Teaching Jobs in Europe

by Lexa Pennington / Sep 15, 2017 /
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If you love to travel – and are a teacher – have you considered teaching overseas? It’s a wonderful way to combine doing what you love, and being in a new location. Many teachers are interested in finding teaching jobs in Europe – it’s such a popular place. You’ve got a plethora of cultures, relatively close proximity to many countries (great for travel), languages galore, and (my personal favorite) excellent food. 

Tips for Road Tripping the United Kingdom

by Lexa Pennington / Mar 06, 2017 /
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Sure, you’ve heard of road tripping the USA… Route 66 is especially famous the world over.

Top Ten Cool Things to Do in the UK

by Lexa Pennington / Dec 30, 2016 /
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If you’re like me, a trip to the UK is more than welcome at any time. I love the new, organic food trends and high tea.

Advantages of Touring Europe by Car

by Lexa Pennington / Nov 29, 2016 /
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European travel is glorious in any form. The food, sights, arts, culture, languages, vistas, and new friends just make it such an enjoyable experience.

Why Travel Europe by Car?

Traveling by car, however, has its own advantages to rail or air travel. Let's look at some of the advantages of touring Europe by car (click here for our recommendations)

UK Experiences: 5 of the Best

by Lexa Pennington / Mar 31, 2015 /
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The UK is a surprisingly diverse place considering its relatively small size, and that means that it can be hard to choose the best things to see and do if you only have a short time. Below are 5 of our favourite things to do which should top your list if you plan on visiting this beautiful land.

Top 7 Useful Apps for TEFL Educators

by Lexa Pennington / Mar 18, 2015 /
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Teaching a second language is an important job in the schools of many countries. If you are interested in seeing the world and teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL), you might want to consider some apps for the new iPhone 6 plus that will make your job easier. EFL teachers can benefit from the countless resources available through iPhone apps designed for both teachers and learners.

Top 7 Useful Apps for TEFL Educators

4 Authentic Ways to Experience Honolulu

by Lexa Pennington / Feb 07, 2015 /
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The fiftieth state of the United States is unique among the states in its natural setting, culture, and history. The Hawaiian Islands were first inhabited almost 2,000 years ago by Polynesian settlers, and present day inhabitants of Hawaii are very proud of their past.

4 Ways to Experience Miami Nightlife

by Lexa Pennington / Feb 06, 2015 /
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When you're headed to Miami, make sure you don't pass up on the amazing nightlife. There are so many things to do when the sun goes down. Are you looking for a booming party, or do you simply want to sit back and relax with a delicious drink and great music? Either way, Miami has what you want.


Travelling through History from London Town to the English Countryside

by Lexa Pennington / Jan 10, 2015 /
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Simultaneously a cradle of pomp, pageantry, and rich in history, England is a playground of education and inspiration to experience the significance and wonderment of the past. From London town to the rolling hills of the picturesque Cotswolds in the English countryside, the spirits of England past tell a magnificent story!


Head-to-Head: Studying Abroad v Online Degrees

by Lexa Pennington / Jan 09, 2015 /
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Deciding to go to university is an undeniably exhilarating moment.

For many prospective students, however, the promise of obtaining a degree in their own country simply isn’t enough – which is why growing numbers are heading overseas to study, whether for credit at their own university, or by direct enrollment in an overseas university.