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An Unexpected Way to Travel Europe

by Lexa Pennington / Oct 24, 2013 /
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I’m always looking for unique ways to explore destinations I love. I remember reading a book in college (for fun, not for class), on cruising down the Seine on a houseboat. Now the drawback, as I remember, was dealing with the boat and all the details of living on it (cooking, showers, etc.).

From Khan Academy to an Online Accounting Degree: the Wandering Learner

by Lexa Pennington / Oct 18, 2013 /
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Every time I teach a class, I tell my students that I'm a learner, just like them. "Yes, I'm your teacher, but adults never stop learning. Part of my job is to teach you how to be a learner for the rest of your life."

Every once in a while, one of my students asks me to prove it.

How to deal with difference around the world

by Lexa Pennington / Oct 01, 2013 /
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If you have travelled abroad, you may have experienced what you consider to be culture shock. The English breakfast is not up to standard and the waiters are painfully slow at bringing the next round of drinks.

India’s Golden Triangle

by Lexa Pennington / Sep 16, 2013 /
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Are you longing to explore India? While you could never see everything in one lifetime, you can certainly target your travels and get the most out of your journeys. One area of India contains three of the most-visited cities in India – it’s called the Golden Triangle. It consists of Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur.

Matanzas Festival of Origins, Cuba

by Lexa Pennington / Sep 10, 2013 /
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The Matanzas Festival of Origins in Santiago de Cuba takes place from 18-20 of September and covers a huge range of events, from seminars for academics to street parades and dancing for tourists. It is an opportunity for visitors curious about Cuba's diverse ethnic heritage to learn more.

Travel Tips: Visiting Thailand with Kids

by Lexa Pennington / Aug 06, 2013 /
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Even though Thailand is not well-known for activities surrounding children, there are a number of fun activities that work well for families visiting with kids. Some of these activities are located on the beach and some are away from the coast.

Teaching English in China: 5 Things You Need to Know

by Lexa Pennington / Jul 16, 2013 /
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Is one of your dream goals to teach English in China? You may have always been fascinated by Chinese culture (and Chinese food?). You might want to live and work in a different country.

Find Scholarships to Fit all Needs

by Lexa Pennington / May 02, 2013 /
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Preparing for college is a scary transition for both children and parents. A teen looking for the right place to study has the major decision of picking where he or she will spend the next few years growing, both emotionally and intellectually. A parent has to deal with the potential of dealing with separation anxiety along with the financial burden this could cause on a family.

Exploring New Zealand’s Bay of Islands

by Lexa Pennington / Apr 24, 2013 /
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Photography: Hands on vs Academic

by Lexa Pennington / Apr 17, 2013 /
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Degrees in the field of photography can be used to access almost any industry. Whilst it isn't a primary job for these industries, it will still get you into the industry you are interested in. What do I mean by this? Simply put, almost every industry requires a photographer, either for advertising or on a daily use basis.