Top 7 Authentic Chinese Dishes

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When deciding what to have for dinner, it is always tempting to either prepare a simple meal with few flavours, or order in a pizza.  A popular cuisine is Chinese, with so many different tastes and many dishes it can be very healthy.  Although, I know of very little people who actually cook the dishes themselves, mainly because most Chinese recipe books are hard to get and they can be very complicated.  In addition to this, finding a traditional Chinese recipe book can be incredibly tricky because a lot of the recipes have been ‘westernized’ to suit the western culture.


There are thousands of different Chinese dishes to prepare and choosing which one can be very difficult, especially when you are unsure on what the taste shall be like.


1) Pork and Spinach Wonton:

Before you begin the main course, Wonton soup is a delicious and light way to begin your evening.  Pork and spinach wonton, just like any other soup, can be made in big batches and then frozen to keep you going for a while.  My favourite part of eating a wonton soup is that it subtly infuses your mouth with Asian herbs.  If you fancy taking a go at preparing this dish, then click here.




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2) Xi Ren Chao Mian – Shrimp Fried Noodles:

Seafood plays a main part in authentic Chinese dishes.  This is no exception because these noodles are accompanied with shrimps which go nicely with the noodles.  Along with this particular recipe, on the same page of the link you can view instructions for plain Chao Mian, which can be handy to have- when you become more experienced with Chinese cooking, you can begin to develop your own recipes or adapt current ones.  Why not give this recipe for shrimp fried noodles a try?


3) Shredded Potatoes with Chilli and Vinegar:

Recently my friend and her family introduced me to this dish and although it is simple, it is incredibly flavoursome and delicious.  The flavour of the potato is a little reminiscent of that familiar flavour of chips, but as soon as you bite down the Asian spices kick in.  Follow this link for the recipe.


4) Kung Pao Chicken:

I wouldn’t be surprised if you have seen this on the menu at your local Chinese restaurant, or even tried it yourself.  This is a very famous dish in China and it was even made the official dish for the Beijing Olympics in 2008.  The chicken is marinated and then fried with the spices and sauce.  Overall I think it’s definitely worth taking a look at if you enjoy a little heat to your food.  Discover the recipe for Kung Pao Chicken here.


5) Orange Beef Teriyaki

Do you like the taste of sweet fruit combined with beef to create interesting flavours?  Well then this dish is for you.  Luckily there are not many instructions to this meal so it can be prepared in a short time- ideal if you would like to eat a good meal after a tiresome day.  You can take a look here for a great recipe for orange beef teriyaki.


6) Authentic Dumplings

I love this blog because alongside with the instructions, there is a handy video to go with it, so you can cook along!  Preparing the dumplings with this can now be very simple.  You can see the recipe for the dumplings here.



7) Fried Dumplings

This is the second dumpling recipe and since these can be served either as a main or a side dish, they play an important role in the Chinese cuisine.  Alongside this dish is the seasoning, which is necessary if you want to add a slight spice to your food. 



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