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Five Best Holiday Cities in the World

by Lexa Pennington / Aug 25, 2012 /
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When you sit down to decide on your next travel destination, there’s no shortage of exciting locations to choose from. However, there are some destinations across the globe that every tourist should experience at some stage in their life.

5 reasons to Consider Medical Tourism

by Lexa Pennington / Aug 15, 2012 /
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As the global economy struggles, and health care is unavailable for so many, medical tourism is becoming an affordable option for many people.

One Year, Many Trips: 10 Tips for a Year of Travel

by Lexa Pennington / Aug 14, 2012 /
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While many travelers save up for a year-long RTW trip, some of us plan multiple getaways each year. It might be to visit Napa Valley, Paris, Bali, Rio, Chicago, and Vancouver. Or it might be to visit family, all over the country. Wherever your multi-trip travel plans take you, here are some tips to make your travels go more smoothly.

Get in on the action

by Lexa Pennington / Jul 27, 2012 /
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The Olympics are a time of joy and celebration, a coming together of competition and countries, to compete at the best of their ability, in a sport they love. We spectators get to see this unfold, all in glorious technicolour, like a good soap opera with a bit of national pride thrown in for good measure.

London is this year’'s host of the Olympic Games, in case you weren'’t aware...in which case, where you have you been?!

New Beautiful Sleeping Bear Dunes Book

by Lexa Pennington / Jul 03, 2012 /
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Choosing the Best Place to Teach Abroad

by Lexa Pennington / Jun 28, 2012 /
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Rough Guide to Zante

by Lexa Pennington / Jun 21, 2012 /
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Stepping off the plane onto a Greek island can make you feel as though you have entered a different world entirely. The Greeks welcome tourists with open arms and you will soon feel at home, whichever one of the popular Greek Isles you choose to visit. But of the many holidays in Greece available, we recommend you check out Zante.


The Big Day Dawns

by Lexa Pennington / Jun 18, 2012 /
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Luxury Wine Tasting in South Africa

by Lexa Pennington / Jun 14, 2012 /
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All inclusive luxury resorts in Turkey

by Lexa Pennington / May 29, 2012 /
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Turkey is well known as a fantastic destination for anyone wishing to take advantage of the wealth of All Inclusive Holidays that are available from a range of providers and tour operators.