5 reasons to Consider Medical Tourism

by Lexa Pennington /
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Aug 15, 2012 / 0 comments

As the global economy struggles, and health care is unavailable for so many, medical tourism is becoming an affordable option for many people. Travelers can often get high quality medical care - and a 2 week vacation - for the same price as doing a comparable procedure at home. The regular dentist of a friend of ours is in Bangkok, instead of in her hometown in the US - it's just cheaper for her to go there for 2 weeks, than to have an appointment at home! And, she gets a vacation in Thailand, which she loves.

Curious about Medical Tourism? Here are 5 reasons why it's so popular:

1. High quality medical care. Not globally - research where you're going! - but many international health care providers are accredited by international boards, and were at the top of their class (often at top schools in the US and Europe).


2. No waiting! Many choose medical tourism because of the immediacy of the service. Instead of waiting 6 weeks for an appointment, fly there and be seen the next day.


3. Excellent facilities. Some international health care providers offer such luxurious facilities that you'll think you're at a spa, rather than a hospital. And, such services are offered around the clock. Patients are also encouraged to stay there for longer - so you won't be kicked out for cost, but will be watched by doctors until you are good to go. Think new, clean, and luxurious - isn't that better than the clinic around the corner?


4. Much lower prices. The cost of a tummy tuck Stateside is triple the cost in Thailand. A cardiac bypass in the US - $100,000+, in India, $10,000. That's a very high cost savings ratio. And, usually visiting the country is much less, too - so you'll have a 2-3 week vacation for less than the cost of just having the procedure at home.


5. Treatments and procedures not offered (or covered by insurance) at home. You can find stem cell therapies in China, and cancer treatments in Germany, Japan, or Central America, that aren't available in the United States. Or, you may wish to have a procedure that your insurance won't cover (or drop you if they knew you had it done).