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Intriguing and magical: Welcome to Istanbul!

by Lexa Pennington / Dec 17, 2014 /
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Some places on earth are just magical, full of mystery, and have far too many places of interest to visit during one break alone.

Ring in the New Year in China at the Hanshan Temple Bell Ringing Festival

by Lexa Pennington / Dec 13, 2014 /
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In Suzhou, China locals and visitors literally ring in the New Year at the Hanshan Temple Bell Ringing Festival. Held on December 31st, the festival welcomes the New Year in Suzhou. Hanshan Temple, over 1400 years old, is one of the ten most famous temples in China. In ancient times, monks struck the bell at midnight to remind people a new day was coming.

“The Mabinogion” and the Influence of Wales

by Lexa Pennington / Nov 19, 2014 /
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When travelers imagine touring the United Kingdom, very rarely do they consider the southwest region of Wales. However, Wales should be known the world over for its profound influence on the whole of Western thought.

Top European Skiing Destinations With Breathtaking Views

by Lexa Pennington / Oct 28, 2014 /
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Skiing is not only a fantastic way of keeping fit, but the spectacular beauty of many European premium ski resorts make them a scenic and appealing holiday destination, regardless of how much piste action you see.

Visiting Jamaica? 7 Things You Need to Know

by Lexa Pennington / Oct 21, 2014 /
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YAY! You're planning to visit Jamaica, land of Irie - beautiful, pleasing, excellent, or as Urban Dictionary puts it, "to be at total peace with your current state of being. The way you feel when you have no worries."

Educational and Enlightening Experiences with International Travel

by Lexa Pennington / Sep 29, 2014 /
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Travel certainly broadens the mind but going abroad is also an opportunity to increase your knowledge. Studying in a foreign country, learning new languages and mixing with different cultures – an entire world of educational experiences is waiting to be explored.


Highlights of a Dubrovnik Trip

by Lexa Pennington / Aug 24, 2014 /
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While it may be a little more of the beaten track of European travel, Croatia offers more than enough attractions to make it an excellent choice of vacation destination. One of the most popular spots to consider is Dubrovnik, a coastal city situated in the south of the country.

Top Beaches to visit in South Africa

by Lexa Pennington / Jul 30, 2014 /
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South Africa is a coastal wonderland with endless kilometres of shoreline as it fronts both the Indian and Atlantic Oceans. Beaches abound resulting in a nation that mostly spends its holidays along the beachfront, given the great weather on offer and the superb quality of the country’s beaches.

Vienna Holidays: Lively City, Living History

by Lexa Pennington / Jul 17, 2014 /
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Vienna is not only the capital of Austria, it is one of the most beautiful and historical cities in all of Europe. The medieval alleyways, imperial squares, majestic palaces, and world-class museums combine to create a city that is simultaneously charming and sophisticated.

Planning a gap year: 5 essential tips

by Lexa Pennington / Jul 08, 2014 /
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For those looking to gain some life experience before heading off to university, taking a gap year can be an extremely rewarding adventure. Read on for a list of five essential tips to keep keen travellers safe and secure whilst away from the comforts of home.