Highlights of a Dubrovnik Trip

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While it may be a little more of the beaten track of European travel, Croatia offers more than enough attractions to make it an excellent choice of vacation destination. One of the most popular spots to consider is Dubrovnik, a coastal city situated in the south of the country. There is plenty to see and do for those that visit, and the following details provide some of the highlights.


Dubrovnik by night. From Highlights of a Dubrovnik Trip

Dubrovnik by night. Photo Wikimedia Commons: Łukasz Bolikowski



Dubrovnik Airport is located at Cilipi, which is around 23km to the southeast of the city and many airlines serve this from larger European destinations such as London, Madrid, and Milan. This is the easiest way to get there and with many low cost carriers now flying to Dubrovnik, it pays to shop around for flights. For entry to Croatia, it is a requirement to have at least 90 days validity on a passport following the date of your departure and it can be sensible to arrange insurance before arrival to cover yourself for any problems that may arise.


Mount Srd

The summit of Mount Srd has one of the most picturesque views of Dubrovnik and the Adriatic Sea beyond. A footpath is available for those up to the challenge of walking to the top and this takes around 90 minutes. A cable car offers a more relaxing way to reach the summit to enjoy the views.

Cable car up Mt Srd. From Highlights of a Dubrovnik Trip

Photo Wikimedia Commons: Glen Scarborough

City Walls

The old town of Dubrovnik is surrounded by ancient city walls that were constructed during the Middle Ages, with some parts being up to 1,000 years old. A walk around the walls is a must on a trip to the city and this takes around 2 hours to do. It provides an opportunity to take in some of the history of the place and there are some great views to enjoy out over the city.

Dubrovnik city walls. From Highlights of a Dubrovnik Trip

Wikimedia Commons: Gio la Gamb

Banje Beach

The public area of this beach is free to access for anyone and it is a pleasant location to just relax on the sand or take a dip in the crystal clear waters that lap against the shoreline. Staying until evening is worthwhile to enjoy a beautiful fiery sunset.

Banje Beach. From Highlights of a Dubrovnik Trip

Photo Wikimedia Commons: Elgaard


This small island is located just off the coastline at Dubrovnik and a boat trip across to it is easy to arrange. Things to do while there include swimming in a salt-filled lake, viewing the resident peacocks, and touring an ancient Benedictine monastery.

Dubrovnik with the Island of Lokrum. From Highlights of a Dubrovnik Trip

Photo Wikimedia Commons: Uil2liv

Dubrovnik is one of the gems of Croatia and rightly so for the attractions that can be enjoyed while there. Those shown above are only a few, and there are plenty of others that make this beautiful city a great place for a European adventure.