Biking through Austria: Endless Rain and a Breakfast Thief

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Apr 11, 2012 / 1 comments

Rain pours down on me, chilling me to the bone through my biking gear. I start to pedal harder, staring at my brother’s back as I work my way up the side of a mountain, the road surrounded by concrete buildings and Austrian pedestrians. My muscles burn, and I want nothing more than to stop and rest for hours, rain or no rain. But we can’t afford to do that, as we have only a few hours of daylight left.

Vienna hills

After hours of agony, we arrive at the top of the mountain and begin to set up our tents. After a scant dinner of somewhat soggy sandwiches, we snuggle down into damp sleeping bags and try to sleep in the thirty degree weather. I got a few hours at most.

The next morning topped off the entire experience, as an authentic gypsy teenager casually stole our breakfast of eggs and hamburger, fried them up, and had the audacity to demand our utensils to eat with, leaving us without any breakfast.

Needless to say, it was not an adventure I would gladly repeat. However, the rest of our stay in Austria passed with ease! The few days of rain were the only downside. I would definitely return. Austria is one of the most beautiful countries I’ve ever visited, with hospitable people, reputable campgrounds, sensational culture, and amazing scenery. Although if you ever decide to bike through Austria, be sure to check the weather and go when it’s sunny and dry!

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