Bringing the World into the Classroom

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Are students inspired by Teacher Travels? YES! For proof, we asked global educator and world traveler Lillie Teacha Marshall, a teacher in the Boston Public Schools in Massachusetts - and she asked her students.

Lillie Marshall volunteer teaching in Ghana

Lillie Marshall volunteer teaching in Ghana

We've featured her amazing sites - Teaching Traveling, and Around the World L. Here are some of her favorite student quotes, about teacher inspiration:

Josh Sanchez (10th gr.) says:

I am very happy to have you as a teacher, Ms. Marshall.  You open my eyes to a world that I have not yet encountered.  You inspire me to travel the world when I get older!

Kyle Undag (10th gr.) says:

You’ve given an average high school student with ambitious traveling dreams an insight on some pretty cool traveling destinations. Tuesday before heading home, I stopped by the Southie library to check out a couple movies (I didn’t want to get bored during the following snow days). One of the movies I got is “The Five People You Meet in Heaven” which turned out to be an amazing movie. As the end credits rolled I started thinking… if they were to die right now (God forbid), which adult around me would be most proud of what they’ve accomplished during their lifetime? You were the first person to pop in mind. 

Genesis Lumahan (8th gr.) says:

When I grow up, I’d love to live a life like yours! You seem like you’re living life to the fullest. I love how you get to experience so many things out of the country. Thanks for sharing all your adventures with us! When I read your articles, I learn so much about topics I never had interest in before. I get to learn about kids abroad and how they’re just like us Boston kids.

Daniel Huynh (8th gr.) says:

You have made the best of your young years with adventures and traveling. When I grow up I want to have an adventurous life like you!

Genesis Lumahan (8th gr.) says:

Ms. Marshall, what I like about the way you teach is you seem like you actually enjoy yourself while you’re teaching. And, you put a lot of enthusiasm into lessons that other English teachers would make boring. It’s good to know that some teachers actually do enjoy teaching.

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