Celebrating Togetherness Around the World

by ProjectExplorer / Dec 03, 2009 / 0 comments

With Thanksgiving leftovers still in the fridge, and memories of turkey and stuffing (or Tofurky and stuffing!) still fresh in our minds, we at ProjectExplorer.org would like to suggest taking a moment this holiday season to consider how different families celebrate togetherness around the world.

We encourage you to reflect on how folks from Bahrain to Botswana to Belize may be enjoying this time of year. For example, last fall ProjectExplorer.org had the pleasure of breaking bread with a Bedouin family in the Jordanian desert. We sat in a traditional goat hair tent and shared a meal of Mansaf.


Jenny M. Buccos is the ProjectExplorer Editor for Wandering Educators. You can see more of their videos at https://www.explr.com/