Detroit Beer: A History of Brewing the Motor City

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Detroit Beer: A History of Brewing the Motor City is the latest addition to Arcadia Publishing and The History Press' American Palate series. The book is written by local author and small business owner Stephen Johnson.

 Detroit Beer: A History of Brewing the Motor City

Learn about Detroit's brewing history from the 1800's, through prohibition and the post boom and bust of big beer, to the rise of the current craft beer craze. The book features full color images and features mouth-watering profiles of more than fifty breweries.

Today Michigan takes pride in being "one of the most vibrant" craft beer scenes in the United States. Michigan ranks sixth in the country for number of breweries with more than 200. Many of the companies call Detroit home, including: Traffic Jam & Snug Brewery, Witch's Hat Brewing, and Kuhnhenn Brewery, to name a few. Stephen Johnson provides a welcome road map to the craft beer industry in Detroit. Easily recalling the past, while celebrating the future of the craft beverage "enjoyed by such a diverse sample of the population." Detroit Beer: A History of Brewing in the Motor City is available at Join author and Motor City Brew Tours founder Stephen Johnson for Detroit history by the pint.

Author Stephen Johnson, Detroit Beer: A History of Brewing the Motor City

Stephen received his bachelor's (BA) degree from Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, Michigan, in 1996. and his master's (MBA) degree at Walsh College in Troy, Michigan, in 2010. Along the way, Stephen got involved in the Detroit beer scene and became a regular at local breweries and beer festivals. In the summer of 2009, Stephen launched Motor City Brew Tours, which originally focused on bus transportation of people to various Detroit breweries. Shortly thereafter, Stephen started researching Detroit's brewery history, as well as other Detroit history such as Prohibition, automobiles, and so on. In the spring of 2011, he launched Bike & Brew Tours, which specializes in taking small groups on narrated bike tours to various historic sites in Detroit, followed by a visit to a brewery for beer and food. In the last seven years, the business has expanded to where Stephen (with help from his wife, Laura, and other tour guides and volunteers) provides guided bus, bike, and walking tours to breweries in downtown and metropolitan Detroit, as well as other parts of Michigan. More than fifteen thousand people have taken his tours thus far, and there's no end in sight. Learn more about Motor City Brew Tours and the Detroit Beer Book at:



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