Free writing resources from Creative Revolution Retreats

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For all you women who want to travel and tell your story, Creative Revolution has the perfect combination for you.

Creative Revolution Retreats has just announced their next two creative writing for women retreats. The first in early November 2015 in Costa Rica. The second in July 2016 in Nicaragua. 

Free writing resources from Creative Revolution Retreats

To give you a preview of what the workshops on these retreats will be like, Jeannie Mark and Leigh Shulman, the women behind Creative Revolution Retreats, are hosting a month long series of free writing webinars.

Free writing resources from Creative Revolution Retreats

They’ll be covering topics like how-to pitch to magazine editors to the top ten ways to tell a great story. Throughout these webinars, Jeannie and Leigh will focus not only on practical techniques to write and publish more, but they focus on the fear and rejection that so often gets in the way of our writing and living our lives as we most want to live.

You can find a full listing of the month’s webinar topics and sign up for them on the September Step Up Your Writing Game schedule.

This all ties in with Creative Revolution Retreats’ overall philosophy. 

“Writing and the self are intimately connected. Through writing, you can tap into your unconscious to learn more about your desires, your fears and ultimately what you want out of life.
Our workshops will help you start asking the right questions, so you can write more creatively. Our retreats offer the space and freedom you need to open your imagination, develop a better understanding of who you are and what you want as a writer.”

Free writing resources from Creative Revolution Retreats

Jeannie and Leigh strive to create an open and inspirational environment where you are free to focus on taking care of yourself and your own creativity. All of which allows you to find your voice and write. 

So sign up now for one of the free webinars. Or find out more about their upcoming retreats.


Note: Leigh is a faculty member in our Wandering Educators Youth Travel Blogging Mentorship Program - we love her and recommend any chance you get to work with her.