Friendship Force Sets World Friendship Day March 1

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Friendship Force Sets World Friendship Day March 1:

What are you waiting for? Make a difference now.


Have you ever thought you’d like to make a difference in the world some day? You might be surprised, but there is plenty you can do right here at home, right now.

The theme of World Friendship Day 2011 is “Make a Difference.” This special global celebration, which will be observed around the world on March 1, was created five years ago by Friendship Force International - an organization that promotes global understanding across the barriers that separate people.

On World Friendship Day, we invite you to make a difference – to the world, to your community or simply to your neighbor. This special day, officially recognized by the United States Senate, is a great opportunity to grab the world’s attention with special events in the name of global friendship.

Here are some ideas for ways to make a positive impact on World Friendship Day:

-               Read or give a presentation at a library, school or youth organization.

-               Host a dinner in your home for foreign exchange students.

-               Volunteer at an international school or English language class.

-               Donate supplies or volunteer at a refugee center.

-               Invite local religious leaders for a round table discussion on religious tolerance or world peace.

-               Host a World Friendship Day dinner or party for a cultural organization in your community.

-               Put together a cultural display for your public library or local schools.

-               Donate supplies to a humanitarian organization or raise awareness about a humanitarian cause.


Founded in 1977, the Atlanta-based Friendship Force International is active in more than 50 countries, promoting friendship and goodwill through an extensive program of home hosting or exchanges.

In addition to exchanges between established Friendship Force clubs, Friendship Force International conducts a variety of specialized travel programs. These include the “discover” series that introduces Friendship Force members to new countries and cultures; humanitarian and educational exchanges; and Friendship Festivals that include participants from many countries.

The Friendship Force believes that each and every person can make an important contribution to the world. To learn more, visit