How You Can Get a Doctorate While Travelling

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Educational leaders set the standard for retaining, understanding, and applying knowledge for everyone, from preschoolers to lifelong adult leaders. The number of positions in this profession is expected to increase significantly over the decade. Aspirant leaders can take on advanced education to meet their career goals. 

You can pursue a doctorate degree in education leadership to make a difference in education, training, and development. Individuals with an EdD in education earn considerably more than individuals with a Masters of Education. If you also want to travel, an online doctorate in education is perfect for you. Here are a few questions you’ll need to be answered if you’re considering getting an online doctorate in education leadership.

How You Can Get a Doctorate While Travelling

1. What Is a Doctorate Degree in Education Leadership?

A doctorate in educational leadership is a practitioner degree program that equips education leaders to address issues and bring about positive change in various educational environments. Students investigate methods and techniques for systematizing operations and ensure an organization has the proper infrastructure and digital access to succeed in a worldwide market.  The degree is equal to a degree from a traditional program if your chosen college is regionally accredited.

Along with learning about strategic planning, you also learn the value of developing teams and the significance of forming partnerships. The program teaches students to show accountability in using and applying transformative processes through written and other assessment forms. You’ll examine case studies to pinpoint and define the fundamental leadership issues.

2. How Long is an Online Doctorate Program?

The credit hours vary depending on your college, but on average, the degree consists of 50-60 hours with 10 to 20 courses. You can choose the duration of online programs. Depending on your availability and pace, you will decide when to take a course to complete your program. Invest in an excellent technological set-up to communicate efficiently with your professors and peers. 

3. Benefits of Earning an Online Doctorate Degree in Education Leadership

Graduates with a doctorate gain more respect and credibility than those with a bachelor's or master's degree. They also frequently land the most valuable and secure jobs. Getting a doctorate is critical for career advancement for education administrators and is often a requirement for teaching at the college level.

Top executive leaders are in great demand in education and beyond to oversee strategic planning and help businesses or educational institutions achieve their goals. A doctorate is often necessary for them alongside relevant years of experience. It prepares leaders for upcoming challenges by equipping them with the necessary skill set. 

4. Is an Online Doctorate an Easier Way to Earn a Doctorate?

Although the online program might require less in-person interaction and no actual presence on campus, online programs are by no means a quick route to obtaining your degree. You'll still be expected to conduct research, write your dissertation, and successfully defend it.

5. Job Prospects After Getting a Doctorate in Education Leadership

After getting your doctorate, you can work in multiple sectors. In the education sector, you can get hired as a chief academic officer and help oversee all the operations of educational institutions and facilities, making about $140,932 annually. Education Administrator is another option that will allow you to manage school operations at all school levels with an average salary of $42,000 annually.

In the corporate sector, you can work as a Chief Learning Officer and manage corporate learning. Chief learning officers develop strategies that align work staff development with the business goals and make about $148,713 annually. You can also get hired as a training and development manager and ensure employees stay productive and active through their training and assessments, with an average salary of $120,130 annually. The employment rates of development managers are expected to grow by 7% by 2031. 

If you're interested in social work, you can work as a social and community service manager whose job is to plan, coordinate and supervise activities of a social service community or organization with an average salary of $42,000.

An online doctorate while traveling is a great way to achieve two goals together. If you're passionate about your studies, you can stay motivated and finish your coursework while traveling. Make sure to be prepared and make a proper plan for your study schedule while traveling.