Life isn’t fair

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Life isn’t fair

There are those who travelled from far distance across the mountains, rivers, and seas

 seeking protection from wars, diseases, and natural disasters from every direction. 

Our initial experiences are still driven by fear 

The fear of losing loved ones, and we can't afford to lose another 

 Because Death only separates us from our beloved ones.

A thousands words won’t bring them back.

I know, because I have tried.

Neither a thousand tears.

I know, because I have cried,

These conditions leave us with no choice but to become a runner, moving from one place to


and yet both tolerance and acceptance are still a problem.

Each day, discrimination among races and religion is increasing rapidly, and each

generation is getting worse.


But let the rain come down and wash away our tears, our souls, and our negativity, because


a new day. 

A new  day to move on, a day to find your strength in times of difficulties and weakest


A new day to be inspired with someone’s perfections, but not their imperfections. A new

way to realize that

we are not perfect. 

A new day to realize that not all people are bad or the same, because you haven't seen or

tasted all. 

A new day to rise and see how special you are.

We should always remember ... Being a refugee is never easy, being stateless is not a pride, having no identity is never profound, being uncertain of tomorrow is not a strength. Being


refugee is not what I prefer, but inside that refugee exists a human with family, passion,


and charity.

Inside that refugee exists a story of hope, a dream which may be blurry now but nonetheless a dream that could transform the world; that refugee carries a human story...

call me a human

because that is who I am, refugee is what I am made of.

Being a refugee or immigrant is always the best thing about America, and we know where


are from, where we are going, because we know who we are.

Many people will claim that home is a place, but to me, home is not a place—it's a living for

people who love and honor you.


Enock Makasi is 18 years old, just graduated high school, and is planning to go College for further studies. Enock was born in a country called Democratic Republic Of Congo; during his early childhood years, there was time of peace in his country, then suddenly the number of people in hospitals decreased, and the number of deceased increased...not from diseases, but from the common enemy know as war. 

The war was perpetuated by the government, through genocide, to keep the president in his position. Enock became a refugee in Uganda; then after many years, he moved to the USA, and now lives in Twin Falls, Idaho.