Living in a Small Town in Germany

by Katie Wellman / Aug 20, 2012 / 0 comments

We live on the edge of a small farm town in Bavaria, Germany. I am the second oldest among us four children. Farmland goes for miles around us in seemingly never-ending blankets of crops.


Many people have planted flowers in their gardens or put out flower boxes in their windows. A donkey brays at the nearby rescue farm for animals. Children laugh at the park just down the street. Tractors rumble by going out to the fields to either till, plant, or manure the crops.


This is where I have lived for the last six and a half years. This is my home.


field of corn

A field of corn


Lucky Farms

This is Lucky farms, a rescue farm for animals. I volunteer here.



This guy is a cat that was temporarily staying at Lucky farms.



Some goats running on pasture.



This little girl decided that she would pose for a picture.



This is a baby mule at Lucky Farms - his name is Frodo.


field, Bavaria

Fields seem to go on forever out in the country.        


Park, Germany

Our local park.


acorn, bug

If you look closely to the right of the acorns, you will see a lady bug and a bee.


blue ducks

These two ducks were sitting in some bushes by the road.


road, Bavaria

Our main road                                                                                                 


motorcycle shop

This Motorcycle shop is the only shop in our small town.


window with green shutters

Window with green shutters







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