Our New Soulful Traveler Editor, Becky Burns

by Becky Burns /
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Sep 29, 2009 / 0 comments

Publisher's Note:

Becky Burns, our new Soulful Traveler editor, is an educator living in the Chicago area. Her column will give you insight and inspiration, taking you to the core or essence of the travel experience, something we all feel as a result of exploration and discovery. Look for her monthly postings describing local exploits in and around Chicago, regional road trips in the Midwest, national adventures from coast to coast, and overseas excursions. You are bound to be inspired and enriched, nodding your head in agreement as a familiar reminiscence comes to light again. Her first article about her recent trip to Italy will be featured on the home page on October 16.

And a note from Becky:

I look forward to sharing my voice with the readers of Wandering Educators. As you think about your next trip or as you remember your last one, my hope is that you'll spend some time with my column...either laughing and releasing...or in deep reverie and reflection. As an educator and a traveler, you are a kindred spirit and I am happy to be here with you!

You can find my work at www.beckyburns.com or www.soothethespirit.com