Eat and Drink Well: 365 days of deals! NYC Guide To The Rescue

by Anevay Darlington / Sep 19, 2014 / 0 comments

New York is a huge and wonderful city, with great people (even if at rush hour people can get a little pushy), famous tall buildings, and city parks that have endless paths to walk on, along with amazing history. I have lived in the city that never sleeps for 11 years, and can proudly say that I’m a city girl. But I’m also a tourist: I get lost, I like to explore other neighborhoods, visit newly built parks, and after long days, I like to stop somewhere, take off my backpack, and eat.

But as a 13 year old who doesn’t have the money to dine in restaurants, I usually find myself at yet another deli on a street corner. Deli food is great. But sometimes it’s nice to sit down at a table, put a napkin down on your lap, and look at a menu, almost drooling at how good everything sounds.

But then we come to another problem:

Sometimes after you order your food at a restaurant and can barely hold yourself from running into the kitchen and eating and anything and everything you see, the food is then brought to your table. You take that first bite, and you feel like you’re going to cry. The food is horrible, you’re still hungry, and hard-earned money is down the drain.

There are many good restaurants in NYC, but there are as many bad as there are good.

I have finally found the answer to this problem: 365 Guide NYC, written by Monica DiNatale. And she’s an expert – she’s anengaging television host and author of 365 Guide New York City. As a New York City Food Host and Deals Expert, DiNatale has her finger on the pulse of restaurant deals and bar specials. She writes a weekly column for Metro NY and has been featured as the Dining Expert for, The Frugalicious Show, and Brick Underground NY. She has  hosted segments for The New York Chocolate Show and The New York City Craft Beer Week Festivals.

In this amazing food guide, there is a restaurant for every day of the year, which includes a little description which draws you right in, and the savings, of course (which include a lot of drink deals, as well as some foodie savings as well). The guide also includes all the details you need to know, such as location, hours, contact, etc.

I am now and forever going to walk around with 365 Guide NYC in hand.


Eat and Drink Well: 365 days of deals! NYC Guide To The Rescue


Lucky for me, Monica DiNatale has also delighted me in answering some questions about her amazing book.


365 Guide New York City author Monica DiNatale


Anevay: Please tell us about your new book, 365 Guide New York City...

Monica: The main reason I wrote 365 Guide New York City was to save money on food and drinks while still being able to eat out eight days a week! Yes, Manhattan is expensive, but I realized that there are options to make it more affordable. Sometimes I am in the mood for a cold beer for $3 and sometimes I want great food at a great price. I wanted to break the myth that eating out is always expensive.

365 Guide New York City is the only book to give you the inside scoop on where to go to eat in the Big Apple at a fraction of the price. The book provides 365 deals, enough for a full year of fun, and is the only New York City guide that tells you where you can find:

•        Free, yes, FREE food specials throughout the city.
•        $2-$3 drinks any day of the week.
•        The best happy hours where you can nosh ‘til your stomach's content.
•        More deals than any other guide on the planet!
•        This guidebook pays for itself!!!

A: What inspired you to write this guide?

N: I've always been one of those people that everyone asks for advice about where to eat and what to do. Three years ago I decided to put my knowledge to the test and write a book specifically focused on eating and drinking deals in New York City. I wanted it to include the kind of personal advice I would give to close friends and family but share it with the world! My book 365 Guide New York City contains restaurant deals and bar specials in Manhattan, plus my tips on pizza, desserts, seasonal savings, and more. I included both dive bars and five star restaurants.


365 Guide New York City author Monica DiNatale


A: I'm all about research - what was it like, researching your book? What surprised you the most?

N: My "journey" took three years to complete. I wanted to visit all the places to make sure I could recommend them. I visited more than 365 places. I decided to be included, the bar/restaurant had to be open for at least five years and show an established pattern of deals. What I found is that newer places weren't sure what they wanted to be yet and therefore weren't always willing to offer discounts. It was also surprising that there are no other guide books specifically focused on deals. There was no one place to find out how to save money on dining.


A: What is the most unusal thing you discovered about New York City while researching your book?

N: It was weird that some restaurants don't advertise their discounts. Some places have no website or social media presence. How can they reach customers?? Some places may put a sign board on the street but not on their websites. I almost feel like a mom trying to help her kids get customers. I want people to know about the restaurant, their food, their deals, everything! I am living proof that you can eat out and save money.


365 Guide New York City author Monica DiNatale


A: What’s up next for you?

N: I am getting ready to update 365 Guide New York City for next year. I am also looking at other cities that may be a good fit for 365 Guide.


A: Is there anything else you’d like to share?

N: I tweet out deals every day and post a blog on some of my favorite places and things to do on Thursdays. I have a weekly column in Metro NY as well. I love New York City and want people to be able to come here and enjoy.


Save money with 365 Guide New York City


Thanks, Monica, for writing such a wonderful book that will definitely come in handy for me and others. Whether you’re a tourist or a born and raised New Yorker, you will love this foodie savings guide. Next time I venture out into the city, I know that I won’t be stopping at yet another street corner deli.

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Note: We received a review copy of 365 Guide New York City from the publisher - thank you!