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This young adult post-apocalyptic fantasy novel is fantastic escapism—but escapism with depth and a message of hope. Have you sometimes wondered if another world exists? One that feels like returning to a home that we’ve never been to but somehow always felt existed? Jenny McClain Miller & Greg Miller have created that world with Atheria. 

Age of Atheria

In their book, Age of Atheria, we start with the opposite of this blissful paradise, with our heroine, Ady, who lives in the Citadel. The Citadel is a repressive refuge—but outside of the Citadel lies the Wastelands which are even more horrific. The world as we know it has been destroyed by a Great War and a dystopia is all that is left. Or so that is what the Citadel dwellers believe until Ady finds herself in a hidden realm and learns the truth of who she is. 

Ady is on the front lines for the greatest war between good and evil that the world has ever known. 

I was fortunate enough to talk to Jen and Greg about their book, Age of Atheria, and learn about their vision for the book and how they worked together writing even during the Pandemic and with two small boys. They wrote separately and together. They wrote on notecards they kept on a wall and moved  around and edited as necessary to pull the story together. 

Jenny McClain Miller and Greg Miller. From Read This: Age of Atheria

It was the loss of another project that Jenny had poured herself into that led her to this project. She went north to Mendocino to grieve, and while she was on the beach, a hawk flew overhead and then it happened again at another beach…so she paid attention. The hawk is a symbol of new beginnings, taking flight, believing in yourself, and taking a leap—and that  is exactly what Jenny did by writing this story. 

Jenny then met Greg during a chemistry read that was so successful that he became her partner in life, and then in writing the novel. Jenny originally came up with the storyline but intended for it to be a screenplay for TV. An agent suggested that she write it as a novel at first instead. Jenny and Greg’s writing both brought different elements to the story. Greg, a former professional baseball player, had experienced intense suffering, and the personal darkness he battled is symbolized in the world of the citadel and the Republic and the Wastelands. The raw grittiness and harshness in the passages that he wrote feels visceral and almost tangible. 

The story has an undercurrent of spirituality and a great deal of symbolism, but it is subtle, and it feels natural. Jen gives a high vibration frequency to Atheria that feels like how we were meant to live. The peace, harmony, compassion, and empathy is the light that we all have within us if we choose to express it. There are obvious parallels to today’s world and the darkness and light within it. 

While reading the novel, I was so immersed in the story that it wasn’t until after I processed it that I realized how allegorical it was. 

The story itself is filled with memorable characters that were easy to either like or dislike. The incredible descriptions of a very complex and feral dystopia made it feel real. I could easily visualize the airships (how cool is that!) and feel the atmosphere of dark and evil. In stark contrast, Atheria was also easy to immerse myself into. It felt like a paradise, and the details gave it a substance that was palpable. It seemed a place that I long to exist in. 

Woven into the story is a believable and sweet romance along with a love triangle that adds complications and drama.  

I look forward to the next book to find out where Ady’s visions lead them, and to discover the outcomes of the well-done cliff hangers. I know that when I pick up the second book, it will feel like returning to a beloved place. 

Jenny and Greg’s vision for their book is to help heal the heart of humanity and to guide the readers into looking deeper within themselves to seek their own Atheria. They were wildly successful, as this was my experience, and I was incredibly moved by their creation. 

Highly Recommended. 

Cristine. From Read This: Age of Atheria

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