Sand Sign Project Seeking World Record For The Biggest Number Of Messages Written On Sand

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I'd like to share a new, unique project that I just love.


Sand Sign, a project for artistic sand messaging, is launching a social initiative to set the official Record for Most Messages Written on A Beach. From February 12 till March 14, 2015, the Project will be collecting requests for sand messages from all around the world via a Kickstarter campaign.


Sand Sign Project


After the submission period is over, a team of sand artists will skillfully draw all received messages on the stunning Sosua­ Cabarete beach of the Dominican Republic. Should the number of requests exceed one thousand, other locations will be added. The list includes, but is not limited to the Bali Island, the most romantic island of Thailand, Koh Samui, and exotic Costa Rica. The Record will also feature beaches near San Francisco.


Sand Sign project.  By Andres Amador, a sand artist of world recognition


All participants of the Record will receive pictures, videos, aerial videos shot with drones proving their participation, and personal musical greetings, which will be submitted for the official Record for Most Messages Written on A Beach.

The Global Record Campaign is also featuring works by Andres Amador, a sand artist of world recognition. Being the creator of the most stunning sand drawings on Earth, his works were marked by the leading media, such as Discovery, CNN, New York Times, BBC, and many others. A true landscape artist, he uses beach as a canvas, perfectly integrating his works into the surroundings.


Sand sign project.  By Andres Amador, a sand artist of world recognition


With over 3 years of experience, over 13 countries and 3000 happy sand messages, Sand Sign is sharing global emotions. Sincere feelings will get officially recognized and carved into the history with the Global Record.

Call it a social flashmob, a public campaign, or love outbreak: Sand Sign is encouraging all to join, make a statement, go big and show the world that Your Emotions Are Awesome!


Believe. The sand sign project.  By Andres Amador, a sand artist of world recognition



● Submission period: Feb.12 - ­Mar.14

● Fulfillment Deadline: June 16

● Requirements to requests: 30 symbols + graphic signs

● Size of sand messages: 5x8ft

● All arts by Andres Amador will be designed individually



Meet the Artists

Andres Amador, world­recognized sand artist from North California. He is about to set a Record with us.

Andres is an artist specializing in large­scale installations of up to well over 35,000 square meters in natural settings using locally sourced, biodegradable materials. He is motivated by the desire to bring a feeling of the wonderment, immediacy, and ephemerality of life to those who behold his creations. His temporary installations have been displayed internationally and featured on CNN, The Discovery Channel, the BBC, and numerous tv programs, periodicals, and blogs around the world. Andres lives and works primarily in Northern California,  and travels globally to create commissioned artworks and lead workshops.


Andres Amador, sand sign artist, and family


Katya, our charming photographer from Bali, Indonesia. She is inspired by nature and people. She can't imagine her life without the sun, beaches and the ocean! Absolutely addicted to dogs.

Dara, our beautiful photographer in Ko Samui, Thailand. She is a positive person. She likes balloons, snow, cranberries in sugar and dark unfiltered beer. She always participates in marathons and loves to play badminton.

Silifu from Waikiki, Hawaii. She was one of our first sand artists from Hawaii with sun, beaches, and tides in her blood.

David, our photographer in Tamarindo, Costa Rica. David has worked with us almost from the very beginning. He was born in Colombia but has always lived in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. When David was in college, he discovered that he wanted to work with photography and now his main job is about 2 things he loves: surfing and photography/videography.

Natali, sand artist, environment activist and art lover in Koh Samui, Thailand. Adores sunsets, graphic art, and aerial video making.


Sand sign project. By Andres Amador, a sand artist of world recognition


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