Three Ways to Pursue Your Personal Goals While Being a Stay at Home Mom

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Many mothers make the choice to take a few years out of their working lives while their baby is young. There are many reasons to do this if you can afford to, such as not having to arrange or pay for childcare, being able to spend precious time with your child at this unique age, and discovering new passions.

However, while being a mom is a full time job, there are some times in your day which don't require you to be on the go doing 'mom things'. Over the course of weeks or months, these can add up to a more productive time than you think, and there are many ways you can utilize it. You may want to do something that will advance your career once you return to work, something that you find interesting and can gain new skills from, or even bring in some extra money. Making the most of the hours in your schedule when your child is napping, happily playing, or being cared for by your partner can also make you feel less like all you do is housework, diapers, and playing and caring for your child.

Three Ways to Pursue Your Personal Goals While Being a Stay at Home Mom

Here are three ideas for creative, interesting things you can do while you're a stay at home mom:

Get Your Masters Online

If you would like to make more money to support your growing family when you eventually return to work, or would like to change careers, then picking up an online masters degree can help you achieve that goal. Many prestigious colleges offer online courses, ranging from things like an MBA to a masters in social work. Whether you want to pursue a new career that fits better with your future lifestyle as a parent, get an MBA and start your own business or advance in your corporation, or work your way toward a PhD, there are many fields where you can earn a degree from home. 

Start a Blog or Vlog

Another fun way to grow and discover new things from home can be to start up your own blog or 'vlog' (video blog). Pick any niche that interests you, from writing about your hobbies to reviewing child related products for other moms. If you work on building a good following, you can meet new friends, be part of a community, and earn money from your blog or vlog. 

Share your Travel Expertise

We know you love travel and global education (that’s why you’re here!). Use your travel experiences, knowledge, and expertise to help others. It might be promoting family travel through your blog/vlog, through being a travel concierge for other families that are interested in travel, or writing travel stories, books, children’s books, or guides. What do you have to share? I am betting it’s more than you think – and many families can learn from you and incorporate travel and the importance of raising global kids into their lives.

Three Ways to Pursue Your Personal Goals While Being a Stay at Home Mom


What do you do, to pursue your personal passions and goals, while caring for your children?