Tips from Teens for Teens: Surviving a Girl Guide Camp

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There are so many fun activities for teenagers to do today. A personal favourite of mine is Rangers, which is the oldest group of Girl Guiding in New Zealand, ranging from approximately 13 to 17 years old. Girl Guiding is a part of W.A.G.G.G.S (World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts), the worldwide organization that spans 145 different countries and has over 10 million girls enrolled. Being a Ranger is a lot of fun, and we have more responsibilities and freedoms than our younger counterparts. Recently, I went to a district camp (a Girl Guiding camp for all ages) with some of my Ranger friends, and we composed a list of tips (both funny and serious) on how to survive your first camp as a Ranger, hopefully with a lot of fun. So roll up your sleeves and dig in!


Bring everything on the camping list


Tips from Teens for Teens: Surviving a Girl Guide Camp

And most of all, do NOT forget the mosquito spray.


There’s always someone who forgets something at every camp. Sometimes it’s just a pack of cards for downtime, but often it could be a sun hat or swimwear. To make sure you don’t have to skip out on activities, check, double check, and triple check your list, and make sure your favourite tennis shoes aren’t hiding in the closet.


Always Bring Lollies (or candy, whichever word you prefer)


Tips from Teens for Teens: Surviving a Girl Guide Camp

A marzipan cake can also be brought.

One of the first rules of Ranger camps is that chocolate is an essential item to bring. It would be horrible to go without a midnight snack! So go raid your local dairy, and don’t forget your toothbrush!


Try to help out


Tips from Teens for Teens: Surviving a Girl Guide Camp

Quick note: Wash your hands thoroughly after deboning chicken legs.

Not only is helping the leaders a good thing to do, but it can also be quite fun in most cases. From putting up tents to washing dishes, you can lend a hand and enjoy yourself at the same time! Hint: a bubble war with your fellow Rangers could be in order, if you’re outside. May your hair be ever squeaky clean.


Beware, cute hazard!


Tips from Teens for Teens: Surviving a Girl Guide Camp

Warning: Rangers have invisible signs over their heads that say ‘sit on me’.

There are often a bunch of Pippins (5-7 year olds) and Brownies (7-9 year olds) at every district camp. As a Ranger, you could be helping carry out an activity with the leaders for these younger ages, or just be playing with them during downtime. This can usually be quite fun, just as long as you don’t go insane from extended exposure of absolute adorability!


Get enough sleep


Tips from Teens for Teens: Surviving a Girl Guide Camp

Little kids will be given a bedtime by the leaders, but you won’t be. Nevertheless, try to get some sleep as Brownies don’t care how tired you are, they still want you to give them all piggy back rides.

At camps, the days are usually chock-full of activities and fun. One of the best ways to make sure you enjoy yourself is by getting enough sleep. Also, if you’re staying up late with some of your friends, make sure you aren’t disturbing other kids at the camp.


Have fun


Tips from Teens for Teens: Surviving a Girl Guide Camp

You may have responsibilities, but know that you’re at camp to enjoy yourself. So turn that frown upside down, and join in with activities.

This is the most important tip of all, as it’s the main reason you’re going to the camp in the first place! So for your next camp, join in with activities, enjoy yourself, and try to see the light side of things.


Tips from Teens for Teens: Surviving a Girl Guide Camp

Rangers always has some essence of fun, no matter what it is you’re doing.


Girl Guiding is an amazing organization, which helps us become responsible and independent. We learn to become leaders and strong individuals, and stand up for what we believe in. We learn that we can take action and we follow our motto, ‘Be Prepared’. It doesn’t matter what age you are, Girl Guides/Girl Scouts is fun and enjoyable, and will benefit you in later life.


“Rangers is an amazing part of my life, and going on the camp and working with the younger children was a worthwhile experience that I will remember.”

~ Emily, fellow Ranger


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